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Lifeboat Foundation — Futurism Update — Feb/24/2015

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Lifeboat Foundation — Futurism Update — Feb/24/2015

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LINKEDIN: The State of the Future (February 23, 2015 Update!)

Lifeboat Foundation — Futurism Update — Feb/23/2015 —

Aubrey de Grey — Catalyzing Future Day — Progress in Regenerative Medicine — CRISPR

HOW WILL THIS AFFECT THE GLOBAL ECONOMY? DER SPIEGEL: The Grexit Dilemma: What Would Happen if Greece Leaves the Euro Zone?

FRANCE 24: Bangladesh ferry sinking death toll rises to 65: police

IBM: From Nothing to a Running App in the Cloud with IBM Bluemix DevOps Services…-services/

ISRAEL’S HOMELAND SECURITY: The Israeli Navy of the future

GEOSPATIAL NEWS: UAVs w/ the capabillity to fly LIDAR transforms the way researchers study data in fields like #Archaeology.

WASHINGTON TIMES: Robert Knight says blaming #terrorism on #economics gives the #Islamist killer a free pass

REUTERS: U.S. refinery strike affects one-fifth of national capacity

INC-COM: The key to filing your business taxes the right way.

RAND CORPORATION: Did you miss last week’s myth re #drones/#UAVs? Here it is:

GIGAOM: How Spotify is ahead of the pack in using containers

FAST COMPANY: 7 lessons in creativity from the brilliant code breaker of “The Imitation Game”

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: These fossil rings are 492 million years old and come from Wisconsin [VIDEO]. #science

MASHABLE: s augmented reality the future of family computing? This video might have the answer

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Canadian drugmaker Valeant agrees to buy US rival Salix for about $10 billion in cash:

CNN MONEY: The typical billionaire has $3.1 billion. Where do most of them live?

THE ECONOMIST: The faster language changes, the less new generations will be able to understand what their forebears wrote

NEW SCIENTIST: This is what ichthyosaur birth looked like. The full story is 248 million years old and at

MIT SLOAN: The Hard Work of Invention

CNBC: Climate change will cause millions of people to flee this area:

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: The machines are taking over! Or are they? #AI

PHYS-ORG: Fever alarm armband: A wearable, printable,

FORBES: Does all legacy software need to be migrated to the cloud?

THE MOSCOW TIMES: Kiev Accuses Russia of Sending More Tanks to Eastern Ukraine…16285.html

THE MOSCOW TIMES: Poroshenko Says Evidence Shows Kremlin Aide Surkov Directed Snipers in Kiev…16310.html

FOREIGN AFFAIRS MAGAZINE: Obama’s Libya Debacle. How a Well-Meaning Intervention Ended in Failure…ya-debacle

ISRAEL’S HOMELAND SECURITY: DHS to rely on big data to protect critical infrastructure, networks —…MaMyv.dpuf

The Conscious Web: When the Internet of Things Becomes Artificially Intelligent…21862.html

TED: How to go to space, without having to go to space:

INC-COM: How women are bringing sustainable investing to Wall Street

BBC: Deaths in detention ‘avoidable’

ISRAEL’S HOMELAND SECURITY: Cyber-Security Threats: Joint Initiative Accelerates Development and Adoption of Mature Technologies…H38RR.dpuf

ISRAEL’S HOMELAND SECURITY: DHS to rely on big data to protect critical infrastructure, networks —

2 Social Media Marketing Automation Tools With Amazing ROI And Bad Design

THE ECONOMIST: Putin says he’ll protect Russian speakers everywhere. We took that to its logical conclusion

GIGAOM: Engineers at Columbia have created a smartphone HIV test that only costs $35

To build a startup, entrepreneurs need a laser focus on providing an innovative solution to a real problem:

NEW YORK TIMES: Document Reveals Growth of Cyberwarfare Between the U.S. and Iran

THE ECONOMIST: There is little evidence that gentrification is responsible for displacing the poor or minorities

THE VERGE: This is the Samsung Galaxy S6

THE ECONOMIST: Oil is back over $60 a barrel. Is the market returning to normal?

DELOIETTE: European retailers are the most globally active of the Global Powers of #Retailing Top 250

NEW YORK TIMES: A less daunting approach to interval training. Thanks,

BUSINESS INSIDER: The Australian military is now training to use Reaper drones

FAST COMPANY: Workplace bullying can be so demoralizing to its victims that they’re unable to cope with future bullying

ISRAEL’S HOMELAND SECURITY: DHS to rely on big data to protect critical infrastructure, networks…-networks/

INC-COM: 7 Functional Ways to Manage in a Dysfunctional Workplace

ISRAEL’S HOMELAND SECURITY: Most cars are vulnerable to hacking or privacy intrusions…Co8t3.dpuf

ISRAEL’S HOMELAND SECURITY: Developments in the Global Oil Market Strategic Significance…gk12q.dpuf

ISRAEL’S HOMELAND SECURITY: Developments in the Global Oil Market Strategic Significance…gk12q.dpuf

INC-COM: 6 Tactics to Quickly Boost Your Cash Flow @mauimasterminds

TED: “Numbers are the musical notes with which the symphony of the universe is written.”

ISRAEL’S HOMELAND SECURITY: “Internet of Things” – an end to privacy?

CAPGEMINI: Hear how we’re helping CAIXA Bank to focus on #mobile

BLOGS OF WAR: Turkey Defers Air Defense Missile Decision As China Talks Continue

WHARTON SCHOOL: WhartonGrad @CaroIssa works her MBA on the runway:

GUARDIAN NEWS: Greece draws up €7.3bn tax hit list aimed at oligarchs and criminals — report

INC-COM: 5 Travel Essentials for Startup Entrepreneurs

ISRAEL’S HOMELAND SECURITY: What cold war? The U.S will buy rocket motors from Russia…om-russia/

INSIDE DEFENSE: DOD Official: Cruise Missile, ICBM Recap Quantities Depend On Future Treaties. Story by @JamesDrewNews:

FAST COMPANY: 7 key habits for building better relationships

MAYO CLINIC: HeartDisease risk factors can be hereditary + habits and lifestyle.

GIGAOM: This drone caught insane footage of frozen Niagara Falls

POPULAR MECHANICS: Stop Reading This and Go Build Your Own Board Game

THE TIMES OF LONDON: A feeble West emboldens the forces of chaos, writes @MelanieLatest

CNBC: The school that prepares kids to be future money moguls:

NEW YORK TIMES: How an identical brainstorming exercise produced very different results in two distinct cultural contexts

NATIONAL WILDLIFE: The strong “zygodactyl” feet of woodpeckers are designed to easily grasp onto trees:

REUTERS: Asian shares flat as investors digest Greek deal

THE ECONOMIST: Some programmers are even being wooed by talent agencies that normally represent pop stars

NEW YORK TIMES: Once-Popular Car Technologies at the End of the Road

ISRAEL’S HOMELAND SECURITY: IDF: new “Google-Glass”-style goggles will provide soldiers with combat data…rO7nw.dpuf

ISRAEL’S HOMELAND SECURITY: Technion Presents: The Printer of the Future

WHARTON SCHOOL: The @WhartonSocial Impact Initiative exists first and foremost because students demanded it:

GIGAOM: Win two tickets to Structure Data in NYC! RT & follow back for a chance to win

BBC: Australia Post’s profit down 56%

NSA has the ability to hide spying software deep within hard drives, cyber researchers say

INC-COM: Why Business Travel Is Never Going to Be the Same After 2015

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW: What to do when senior managers won’t collaborate:

BLOOMBERG: ‘‘Australia has had the biggest food explosion I’ve ever seen in the world.”

FAST COMPANY: How American Giant is breathing new life into U.S. apparel manufacturing

FORBES: How to use LinkedIn to advance your career:

BLOOMBERG: A Harvard scientist wants to sell you ice cream with skin

FINANCIAL TIMES: Emerging market investing isn’t simple and isn’t getting easier.

BLOGS OF WAR: Expanded Central Military Commission Meeting Held

THE ECONOMIST: A first-class cock up with United Airlines’ ticketing system may cost it dear

BBC NEWS: Greece to unveil debt deal reforms

WORLD BANK: How to reach the poorest & most vulnerable ppl in SS #Africa w/ targeted #safetynet programs:

ENGADGET: LG’s new midrange smartphones are made for selfie sticks

THE ECONOMIST: China’s changing attitudes towards Myanmar’s border groups

THE ECONOMIST: Dinosaurs and dark matter: a new theory unites two science-story favourites

LOCKHEED MARTIN: Kick-starting the week @Avalon2015 airshow! Follow our activity:

TIME: 5 reasons Brazil is getting close to the brink

STRATFOR: Ukraine’s economy needs Russia and both Kiev and Moscow are aware of the possibilities and risks of dependency.

FAST COMPANY: How drug company Gilead outpaces its competitors

FORBES: There is unprecedented demand for physician assistants:

CNN: At least 68 people are dead after a ferry capsized in Bangladesh:

THE ECONOMIST: Have the wheels come off Rolls-Royce?

CARNEGIE EUROPE: Most read from @Carnegie_Europe this week? Our director @jan_techau on Europe’s security

THE VERGE: This incredibly complex machine can play the violin

TECHCRUNCH: Fogo’s modular flashlight launches on Kickstarter

THE ECONOMIST: #NarendraModi, the first Indian PM born after the partition, appears more confrontational than his predecessor

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: The scientific explanation behind those happy tears.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Electrical stimulation vs. medication: Which would you use?

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Scientists can now detect dengue, yellow fever, and Ebola by using this simple paper test.

POST WORLD: Two killed in Ukraine bombing on anniversary of president’s flight

BLOOMBERG: Tokyo nursing homes face spending cuts at the worst possible time

FORBES: “Don’t spread your ideas around the company.” More toxic HR beliefs:

Lone billionaire hits much, much higher limit for campaign contributions

SYMANTEC: 8 Google Projects To Watch in 2015.

MICROSOFT: Should data sharing be more like gambling? colleagues explore this area

REUTERS: Breastfeeding may protect babies from arsenic exposure

GUARDIAN: There’s no evidence e-cigarettes are as harmful as smoking

Looking to pick up marketing skills? Free access to 60,000 online tutorials for 30 days.

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW: How 50 countries stack up in terms of readiness for a digital economy:

WORLD BANK: Why should we include childcare in youth #employment projects? Find out by reading @WorldBank report

“Your traction statistics are a classic trap.” —

FAST COMPANY: A new study shows how office bullies grind their victims down and keep the cycle going

THE GUARDIAN: Hospital psychiatric detainees more at risk of preventable death

SoftLayer virtual servers outperform those other servers. Try one free to see for yourself. =

BLOOMBERG: Tokyo nursing homes face spending cuts at the worst possible time

MSNBC: Edward Snowden documentary snags Oscar: (Tobias Schwarz/AFP/Getty)

FINANCIAL TIMES: Asia’s economic prospects: steady as she goes

WORLD BANK: Organized crime is killing wildlife on an industrial scale: Get #SeriousAboutWildlifeCrime

INC-COM: An Unusual Hiring Strategy That Could Lead You to the Right Candidate

WALL STREET JOURNAL: U.S. Units of Deutsche Bank, Santander Likely to Fail Fed Stress Test

THE ECONOMIST: Planning your exit from the top job: a guide for bosses

CAPGEMINI: Traditional #bigdata strategy is ancient history

FINANCIAL TIMES: Holcim says Lafarge merger ‘on track’ for H1

REUTERS: Exclusive: Local bankers emerge as Fed ally in fight against audit bill

REUTERS: Bank of America chips away at brokerage industry truce

REUTERS: Exclusive: Local bankers emerge as Fed ally in fight against audit bill

FRANCE 24: Arsenic levels higher in formula-fed babies: study

Looking to pick up marketing skills? Free access to 60,000 online tutorials for 30 days.

FORBES: Apple Loop: Dying for your iPhone, Google infects iOS, Motorola slams Apple

BOSTON CONSULTING ON EDUCATION: Tiny Raspberry Pi Computer Hits Big Sales Milestone

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Inventory:

CATO INSTITUTE: Russia’s actions in Crimea & Ukraine deserve condemnation, but the West’s hypocrisy is nothing short of breathtaking:

FINANCIAL TIMES: Ito stands down as Honda CEO

ORACLE DATABASE: Innovation Online Forum & learn from product experts.

CISCO: TV could be a thing of the past as #mobile video-viewing skyrockets:

CISCO DATA CENTER: Your Design Engineers Need Support and ‘Expertise on Tap’ Too!

CISCO ENTERPRISE: More Choice and Value in How Customers Consume Their Software via @TechTarget

MICROSOFT: Invest in ongoing optimization of your website to make it easy for prospects to find you:

REUTERS: Rent walkouts point to strains in U.S. farm economy

INTUIT: Honored to be listed in such a great lineup of companies that prioritize community engagement

BBC NEWS: Fertility clinic at hospital reopens

Rockefeller Fdn: Rapid #ClimateChange has @theNASciences investigating drastic but #innovative engineering and intervention #tech

THE TIMES OF LONDON: Greece is closer than ever to leaving the euro, writes @mattwridley

ISRAEL’S HOMELAND SECURITY: Are unmanned firefighters for real?

FAST COMPANY: Tactus’s amazing shape-shifting screen technology is arrving soon in an iPad case

CNET: Strange “double blob” atop Martian atmosphere puzzles scientists

THE VERGE: This chart shows how quickly startup valuations are skyrocketing

THE ECONOMIST: Germany’s vaunted apprenticeship system wrongly excludes minorities

TECHCRUCNH: Peer-To-Peer Rental Service NoBroker Grabs $3M To Battle India’s Property Brokers

Corporate pension funds weigh derisking vs. re-risking

INC-COM: How two self-taught jewelry-makers built a brand that outfits everyday fashionistas and high-profile stars alike

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Hundreds of Muslims in Oslo formed a symbolic protective barrier around a Jewish synagogue

SLATE: Might ISIS collapse before America can destroy it?

ENGADGET: Art exhibit lets you draw on a 3D self-portrait

INC-COM: 61% of consumers say they trust peer reviews online more than expert reviews

THE ECONOMIST: Spain: A lack of larger firms means fewer jobs, and a less resilient economy

DEFENSE NEWS: UK Seeks To Expand Training in Mideast

CNET: Human DNA gives mice bigger brains

SYMANTEC: Endpoint security becoming critical focus area.

BLOOMBERG: The biggest Nordic buyout fund warns unprecedented monetary stimulus is inflating asset prices to extreme levels

WORLD BANK: What Shell & 2 other energy companies have been doing to prepare for carbon pricing:

FINANCIAL TIMES: Earnings providing false hope for groups

CIO-COM: Edward Snowden documentary Citizenfour wins Oscar

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: What kind of financial shocks caused the Great Recession?

FRANCE 24: Japan crown prince warns on ‘correct’ history

POST WORLD: U.S. weighs more sanctions against Russia over violations in Ukraine

THE DIPLOMAT: Cambodian Land Conflicts Surge

FORBES: It’s not just Apple and Google — a lot of tech companies are moving into cars:

POPULAR MECHANICS: Soon your eyeball is going to replace your passwords. Here’s how:

NOOA: It’s coming! #InvasiveSpecies Week is Feb. 23–27. LISTEN to our podcast to get ready:

Edward Snowden releases statement following “Citizenfour” Best Documentary win

FRANCE 24: Residents of shattered Ukraine town leave shelters in search of aid

FRANCE 24: Greece races to meet ‘inhuman’ deadline for reforms

MICROSOFT: Invest in ongoing optimization of your website to make it easy for prospects to find you:

CATO INSTITUTE: Russia’s actions in Crimea & Ukraine deserve condemnation, but the West’s hypocrisy is nothing short of breathtaking:

MIT TECH REVIEW: How Malware Can Track Your Smartphone Without Using Location Data

FOX NEWS: Would-be ISIS fighters reportedly slipping through holes in Europe’s security net

DEUTSCHE BANK: Finance sustainable projects and still earn competitive ROI? #GreenBonds make it possible #dbcr #sustainability

COMPUTING NOW: [industry news] Presentation: Consistency without Consensus: CRDTs in Production at SoundCloud: Peter Bourgon…

GIGAOM: Is this the fuel cell that will crack the code to the data center?

MARKET WATCH: Dollar wary ahead of testimony from Fed’s Yellen

FAST COMPANY: Why putting on a brave face is killing your productivity


HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW: When to Bring in a Professional Coach

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