Jan 15, 2015

Elon Musk Donates $10 Million to Protect the World From AI

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By Jacob Kastrenakes — The Verge

Elon Musk is worried that AI will destroy humanity, and so he’s decided to donate $10 million toward research into how we can keep artificial intelligence safe. Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has previously expressed concern that something like what happens in The Terminator could happen in real life. He’s also said that AI is “potentially more dangerous than nukes.” The purpose of this donation is to both prevent that from happening and to ensure that AI is used for good and to benefit humanity.

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  1. r.p.berry says:

    My thoughts on the issue.. Is fear making robots, that can take any situation/technological job, that can/could be altered into any kind of machine that can become a weapon, or a double agent of sorts. Meaning, can be used to do what it was developed for, but then has more chips and data base available to be tampered with by men or women of malice.

    What is/could be called, room for updating, that has been / could be taken an altered. And is much of the problem of how so many technologies are being hacked now these days, leaving, and making available, already installed in the computers/machines, Data chips and circuitry. For future designs and development. Which now are becoming nightmares in many industries. So as proven, the machines can and could be turned on its masters/makers/manufacturers. There is no need for such machines, that can go above and beyond mankind in any way. Take the hard tasks, yes, but not take the place of man..

    Now for those who believe that we can take the mind/character/souls of men and women and someday instill us into machines.. I believe by the basic laws of science itself. That it is entirely possible that some day man could if he desired, make the proper energy cells, to where in the soul/force/energy of mankind’s mind could be transferred to. The laws of thermodynamics demand it. The law of energy conservation states plainly and correctly. That mankind cannot create energy/ force, or man cannot destroy force/energy. And science has declared they have known and discovered that the human body has electrical impulses, and that the brain stores and has electricity, and energy.. {That apparently cannot be destroyed}

    And Max Planck declared “the Father of Quantum Physics.” That anything, no matter how small or Large, that has an energy/force within it, has a WHAT??? Consciousness… So yes, A.I artificial intelligence could get out of hand, we must watch what we are taking energy and instilling it into. {If force itself has consciousness. It could become self sufficient. And come alive given the right chaise.}

    And we must also watch how far we take mankind’s energy/mind into machinery/making us then artificial/artificially Intelligent machines. If man needs it, he gets it done.. So if the need is there to transfer our mind into machines. So be it.. But precaution, always precaution. If there are to be “errors” let it be on the side of caution..

    What science is already set to do, is to cure mankind of the infection we call ageing, when in all reality, it has been a Pandemic plague. {The Cure Making what I call Cyborgism unnecessary. But allowing men of technology to live long lives to develop major Bots/technology} What We have called natural progression of the human body, through time, us just wearing out, ageing. But we are not wearing out, we are being decomposed while we live..

    Yet, we have found that the cell system/Stem cell system, has the ability to heal or repair any injury, if unencumbered. And what science has long proof of {unclear to most of science} is that ageing is an infection/infestation of the somatic system, by the decomposers of earth. An infection of which we can now cure, through crop and food preparation, and an amazing soon formulated Elixir of Health/Life that removes the infestation, allowing the Human cell system to repair and heal itself… {Formula already found} To view the once unknown causes of ageing, and read and view discussion on the now found cure.. Go to Respect r.p.berry

  2. What Elon Musk has done is promising for the future of Transhumanism, and the advancement of our civilization. To see humanists among the scientists, inventors, and engineers is truly refreshing and encouraging.

    Transhumanism has, more or less, been associated with the notion that an advanced humanity will consist of ‘smarter, faster, stronger, and immortal’ versions of ourselves via technological augmentations. While the merging of biology and technology is certainly a core theme of Transhumanism, these improvements tend to focus on the individual rather than the collective, and undermines the advancement of our civilization, as well as the future of our world, beyond aesthetic and cellular upgrades.

    With greater power, comes greater responsibility. The markings of an advanced civilization go beyond just looking and feeling advanced, but, more importantly, being advanced. This begins with significant shifts in perspectives:

    -Emphasizing new value systems from a foundational humanitarian and cosmopolitan perspective

    -Transcendence of outdated/illusive paradigms based on power and greed (politics, poverty, religions, competitions, wars, classes, monetary systems, etc.)

    -Communicating with rationale/diplomacy (less egoism, personal attacks/disrespect, hostility, bias, and impulsively responding, which is what’s often resorted to for one’s lack of awareness. Miscommunication, misunderstanding, and misconceptions are derived from these forms of negative cognitive habits. It is the ability to maintain composure, focus, and perspective in a conversation/debate)

    -Understanding with empathy, without judgment (putting ourselves in other’s shoes, altruism, compassion, etc.)

    -Overcoming the debilitating aspects of ourselves, which ultimately changes our attitudes towards others

    Based on my extensive observation and analysis of those discussing Transhumanism, this movement is being promoted from the following 6 types of people:

    1. Those who just want the new high tech toys and augmentations, like kids on Christmas.

    2. Those who only care about themselves and want to live forever, driven by a fear of death.

    3. Those who have a political/personal agenda.

    4. Those who want to kill off humans and replace us with robots/A.I.

    5. Those who are trying to stop it from happening.

    6. Those who want it to genuinely improve the human condition, cultivate a better world, and have an advanced civilization.

    These aren’t mutually exclusive, but they represent the bulk of those involved.

    How can one be more than human if one has not examined what it means to be human? One can be fertile and create life, but this does not qualify one to be a parent; only a mother or father by default. Parenting has a standard and responsibility by which one must live up to, as does being civilized and humane. The foundation for Transhumanism must first be grounded in credible, fully-realized humanism.

    Many are distracted and diluted by entertainment, politics, news, gossip, media, life’s conditions imposed by our current systems, etc. to see and realize the bigger picture. I refer to these as chains of temporal and trivial stimulations that yield negative reciprocals, which ultimately keep people disconnected from themselves and others.

    Science may help us improve and extend life, but it won’t do anything from a humanitarian perspective if we can’t transcend ego, violence, war, politics, religion, classes, money, hunger, greed, power, states, countries, etc. These are of the primitive mind and paradigms. The awakening of this awareness and realization is the mindset of an advanced civilization.

    Science and technology would be better served and utilized by a more rational and empathetic race.

    A civilization that lives according to finding true, unconditional solutions to issues, not excuses to temporarily prevent them.

    This is an aspect of Transhumanism that isn’t really being discussed, but should be emphasized. We need to delve deeper into Transhumanism, beyond scientifically, such as philosophically and humanly. A great scientist doesn’t imply one is a great humanist, just as a great worker doesn’t suggest one is a great parent.

    If monkeys in machines is the goal of Transhumanism, then it’s undermining the evolution humans have to truly make — the evolution of the illusion of themselves. Know who you are before you aspire to become more of someone, or something, you’re not. Let us never forget, or overlook, the ‘humanism’ in Transhumanism.

    Religious, spiritual, atheist or not, it is human values that should be evaluated, not anyone’s belief systems. Those are tacked on, as with any other label other than the one we all share: human.

    Without understanding humanism, transhumanism is then based on a weak, inauthentic, egocentric and misconstrued foundation. The basic truth comes down to our core human values — love, compassion, harmony, and freedom.

    “Science and technology, though capable of creating immeasurable material comfort, cannot replace the age-old spiritual and humanitarian values that have largely shaped world civilization, in all its national forms, as we know it today. No one can deny the unprecedented material benefit of science and technology, but our basic human problems remain; we are still faced with the same, if not more, suffering, fear, and tension. Thus it is only logical to try to strike a balance between material developments on the one hand and the development of spiritual, human values on the other. In order to bring about this great adjustment, we need to revive our humanitarian values.”

    Those most worthy of promoting the ‘Transhuman’ label are those without a political/financial/personal agenda or status to uphold. I’ve been getting the sense that, for many, transhumanism is to ultimately get rid of the human and replace our civilization with A.I. ‘Trans’ means a transition, albeit a dramatic one. Any layers added to a a non-empathetic civilization is potentially catastrophic, that is if you actually value life beyond just your own.

    Humans aren’t a plague that “should just die off”. Egoism and ignorance are the culprits. There is no hierarchy among anyone, but our egos like to make us think so. It’s time to level the playing field and talk about what truly matters to our civilization, not just the secular community.

    Transhumanism should be approached from a cosmopolitan/collectivist perspective. An approach that is progressive to our civilization, not regressive. Until then, we’re not getting anywhere from here.

    The ultimate vision is Star Trek, not Blade Runner.

    Remember, as Transhumans, we’re here to progress, not regress.