Dec 28, 2014

Kaizen and Six Sigma Vs. White Swan “…Transformative and Integrative Risk Management …” [Pictorial] — Andres Agostini

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Kaizen and Six Sigma Vs. White Swan “…Transformative and Integrative Risk Management …”

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  1. Sometimes I have the premonition,having read several of MR Andres Agostini the he belongs to pre Vedic period in foreseeing the futuristic happenings ! He is totally dedicated in his studies:width and deapth ! His Zeal surmounts Mount Everest !
    Anananthram Keshava Grama

  2. Ananthram Keshava Grama says:

    Wisdom and Knowledge are dual entities of the Mind! Needless to say drawing from the expressive impressions of previous births to forecast the futuristics of the incoming generations called in Sanskrit as KAALAGYAN! (in Sanskrit, ‘… knowledge and awareness with farsightedness of eternal future times…’). Whatever we call genes/genetic in modern scientific terminology! As usual Mr. Andres Agostini, as is habitual with his farsightedness has inherent KAALAGYAN to disclose whatever the future holds for the future! I wish Mr Andres Agostini all the great results for the future he is investigating! Sometimes I have the premonition, having read several of Mr Andres Agostini’s publications, that he belongs to pre-Vedic period in foreseeing the futuristic happenings! He is totally dedicated in his studies: width and depth! His Zeal surmounts Mount Everest! …“
    Anananthram Keshava Grama

  3. Many businesses think today’s world is complicated and with technology rapidly changing, trying to figure out all the correct things to do is impossible, that it is better to just do what can be done, and adjust things when the result happens to be what is not expected. This is simply gambling where the odds for success and the liability of failure are getting worse by the day. The truth is the world is not complicated, just complex, and with complexity increasing at the same time technology is rapidly changing, the combination of the two conditions only seems complicated. The difference between complexity and complication is complexity can be logically addressed and accounted for such that proper risk management can then be applied and when the quality of the technology is assured early in the planning, analysis and design of the technical solution instead of only assuring it late in the development cycle, the integrated combination of these two scientifically validated methodologies can be used to reliably predict the expected outcomes. There is nobody better at applying the integrated combination of risk management and quality assurance than Mr. Andres Agostini or is there anybody that has more real world experience in doing so, and this includes solving some of the most wicked problems of some of the largest businesses throughout the world. If you are just gambling things work out, then I highly recommend you stop doing business dangerously and seek the assistance of Andres, the master of risk management and quality assurance, as well as reliability and contiguous process improvement.