Dec 11, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (December 12, 2014) — Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon, LinkedIn

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FUTURISM UPDATE (December 12, 2014) — Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon, LinkedIn


FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Tracking microdoses of carcinogens as they move through the body…h-the-body

THE DES MOINES REGISTER: Iowa to launch smartphone driver’s license…/20114979/

PHYS.ORG: Baby steps towards molecular robots

BBC NEWS: Russia Baltic military actions ‘unprecedented’ — Poland

The Economist- Geoengineering the climate. Scientific studies of techniques for deliberately modifying the climate are getting ready to move out of the laboratory

Bloomberg- Brazil Prosecutors Charge 35 in Petrobras-Linked Corruption Case

New York Times- Putin and Modi Reaffirm Bond Between Russia and India…html?_r=0

RUSSIA AND CHINA ARE EXCELLENT LEARNING DEVICES FOR THE INCUMBENTS OF THE WEST. Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life by William Deresiewicz

The Guardian- Will eternal life become a reality?…-a-reality

Royal Society of Chemistry- Cutting edge chemistry in 2014…ar-roundup


White Swan Book Author (Source of this Article)



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