Nov 14, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 15, 2014) — Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon

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FUTURISM UPDATE (November 15, 2014) — Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon

a Amazon and Lifeboat

NBC NEWS: Australia Accuses Russia of Trying to Reclaim ‘Lost Glories’

CBC: Vladimir Putin stations Russian warships off Australia’s coast ahead of G20 Diplomatic drama has been simmering since a Malaysia Airlines plane was shot down over an area of Ukraine

THE ECONOMIST: A renewed Russian military build-up could be a prelude to more fighting. EVEN as Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, was heading to the G20 summit in Brisbane, Australia, tensions in Ukraine were escalating.

REUTERS: Ukraine’s PM says main task is to build army to stop Russia

CNN: Is Russia planning a winter offensive?

Huffington Post UK: Russia Threatened With Sanctions As Tanks ‘Roll Into Ukraine’

THE AUSTRALIAN: GE says use of ‘big data’ is changing ways companies operate

MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Rise of the Robot Security Guards. Startup Knightscope is preparing to roll out human-size robot patrols.

BBC: Robots ‘helping autistic pupils build social skills’

THE TELEGRAPH: Should future wars be fought by killer robots? It’s not technology, but morality and the law, which prevents wars being fought by lethal autonomous weapons — better known as killer robots

RT: UN sounds alarm on rise of autonomous ‘killer robots’

FORBES: Automation Is On The Rise: Will Robots Soon Be Commonplace?

International Business Times: China Now Has 30 Industrial Robot Factories, Could Double Robot Population By 2017

International Business Times UK: CBI and Ricoh: New World Order of Robots Will Help, Not Steal, British Jobs

Forbes: Marketing Automation Could Be Harming Your Business — Here’s How to Tip the Scale

Business Standard: Indian Oil Corporation is in the process of automating its petrol stations and aims to complete the work in the next three years, a top official said.

Data Center Knowledge: Cloud Automation: What You Need to Know and Why It’s Important

Computerworld: Automation arrives at restaurants (but don’t blame rising minimum wages)

Automation World: The Effect of Oil Prices on Automation Spending Automation with humans in mind: making complex systems predictable, reliable and humane

The Independent News: Welcome to Canada: automation nation.

Forbes: China Automation Companies Advance As Beijing Pledges New Policy Support

Business Insider Australia: Home Automation Gadgets Are Leading Explosive Growth In The Consumer ‘Internet Of Things’ Market

Automation World: How 3D Printing Will Impact Industrial Automation

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Will China start currency war in name of reform?

Financial Times: ESA is a serious player capable of taking on Nasa

Business Insider: Neil DeGrasse Tyson Points Out Some Big Plot Holes In ‘Interstellar’
Washington Post: Rosetta’s missing Philae lander is frantically doing improvised science, even as its batteries die


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