Nov 18, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 19, 2014) — Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon

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FUTURISM UPDATE (November 19, 2014) — Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon

a Amazon and Lifeboat

FINANCIAL TIMES: Object 2014-28E – Space junk or Russian satellite killer? It is a tale that could have come from the cold war. A mysterious object launched by the Russian military is being tracked by western space agencies, stoking fears over the revival of a defunct Kremlin project to destroy .…

ZDNET: Data science: ‘Machines do analytics. Humans do analysis’

TIME: New York Is Transforming Its Old Payphones into Wi-Fi Hotspots

Forbes: Databox Launches Enterprise Mobile Insight Solution. But Is It Analytics?

Hospitality Net: Big data and big analytics are a big opportunity for hotels — Part 2

Financial Times: The nuclear gun is back on the table. Both in private and in public, Russia is making explicit references to its nuclear arsenal

Financial Times: Bonds: Anatomy of a market meltdown. Fall in Treasury bond yields left investors asking if world’s safe haven needs shoring up

Financial Times: Nokia partners with Foxconn to take on Apple with tablet device

The Financial Times observes that President Putin and President Obama are threatening each other with their respective nuclear arsenal. We are getting closer to M.A.D. WWIII.

Financial Post: Who will blink first as global oil prices collapse?

Christian Science Monitor: Halliburton, Baker Hughes merge as oil prices plummet

COMPUTER WORLD: Yahoo’s Genome highlights hosted big data analytics trend. Several companies have begun offering big data analytics as a service

BLOOMBERG: Nigeria Budget-Cut Pledge Falls Short as Oil Prices Drop

Bloomberg: Oil Slide Prompts Iran’s Oil Minister to Visit U.A.E.

WIRED: Leading the Way for Big Data Startups, Yahoo Spin-Off Files for IPO

MIT Technology Review: Driving Marketing Results with Big Data

MIT Technology Review: Machine-Learning Algorithm Ranks the World’s Most Notable Authors. Deciding which books to digitise when they enter the public domain is tricky; unless you have an independent ranking of the most notable authors.

MIT Technology Review: Nanoparticle Detects the Deadliest Cancer Cells in Blood. A novel kind of nanoparticle could lead to more effective cancer treatments.

MIT Technology Review: When AI Experts Have “It’s Alive!” Moments. Occasionally virtual assistants like Siri show flashes of humanity that suggest they could one day act like more than just software. Expect Gold, Silver prices to trade on lower note: Angel

The Market Oracle: Gold, Silver, Crude and S&P Ending Wedge Patterns

Center for Research on Globalization: Gold and Silver Price Manipulation: The “Golden” Cat is Out of The Bag! Vladimir Putin vows that United States ‘will never subjugate Russia’ Russian president echoes Al Capone as he says ‘weapons and politeness’ are better than ‘politeness alone’

New York Times: Who Won in Putin’s Feud With West? Organic Farms

Reuters: Isolated at G20, Putin shows he will do it his way in Ukraine

The Guardian: Finland back on red alert over expansionist Russia. Almost a century after breaking free from its giant neighbour Helsinki still follows Moscow’s every move

BBC News: Russia tests ‘satellite catcher’. Russia may be testing a satellite capable of chasing down other orbiting spacecraft, observers say. Such technology could be used for a wide variety of uses, including to repair malfunctioning spacecraft, but also to destroy or disable them.

Washington Post: A mysterious Russian space object could be the return of the ‘satellite killer’

New York Times: Merkel Issues Rebuke to Russia, Setting Caution Aside

Bloomberg: Russia Sees Recession Next Year If Oil Price Falls to $60

National Post: Vladimir Putin’s plan: He took Crimea. He’s taunting NATO. What will Russia’s president do next?

MOSCOW TIMES: Russia’s Isn’t the Only ‘Satellite Killer’ in Space. A previously unknown Russian spacecraft conducting maneuvers characteristic of a satellite killer has sparked concerns that Russia’s military provocations may soon extend to space, but experts say Russia is not the only major space power developing agile — and potentially deadly — capabilities in Earth’s orbit. Western space agencies, militaries and amateur observers are tracking a mysterious Russian satellite that could be a satellite hunter — a spacecraft that trails enemy satellites and then destroys or disables them, The Financial Times reported on Monday. Amid Russia’s showdown with the West over Ukraine the discovery looks ominous, but all the big space-faring nations — Russia, China and the U.S. — are developing similar capabilities, Robert Christy, a veteran amateur satellite tracker, told The Moscow Times by phone.…11403.html

MOSCOW TIMES: Russia Readies for Showdown Over Taxing Offshore Companies

Deutsche Welle: Sticking points remain in Iran nuclear dispute

Deutsche Welle: ‘No reason for optimism’ over Ukraine. With tensions high between Russia and the West over Ukraine, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier is in Moscow for high-level talks. He is the first senior European minister to visit the Kremlin since July.

CIO: How to Be the CIO of Tomorrow

Wall Street Journal: Japan to Name Hiromichi Mizuno CIO of Public Pension Fund. Mizuno Currently a Partner at Private-Equity Firm Coller Capital

Computerworld: 10 hottest IT skills for 2015

PCWorld: Google program mimics human brains and vision to automatically caption photos

PCWorld: Intel turns to light beams to speed up supercomputers

PCWorld: China disrupts some websites linked to US content delivery network

SWISS INFO: Jail time demanded for bad bankers

New York Times: What Does the Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline Entail? The Keystone oil pipeline system is designed to carry up to 830,000 barrels of petroleum per day from the oil sands of boreal forests in Alberta, Canada to oil refineries and ports on the Gulf Coast.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Dragon Net. China’s Next Economic Miracle. With 632 million Internet users, China has already become the world’s largest e-tailing market, with almost $300 billion in sales posted in 2013.

REUTERS: Lufthansa signs $1.25 billion outsourcing deal with IBM

Broadway World: Capgemini Announces Cloud-Based SAP Software Implementation Project with Excelerate Energy

ZME Science: Robot Underwater Gliders show How Antarctic Ice is Melting

ABC News: A physics professor at the California Institute of Technology sued the school Thursday, claiming she faced a “merciless campaign” of retaliation for telling the FBI that she suspected illegal activities at the university-managed NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Salt Lake Tribune: Google buys Dutch wind energy for data center

New Zealand Herald: Why Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo are buying up wind energy

New Scientist: Is mystery Russian spacecraft a satellite-killer? Is it watching the watchers? Russia has launched a spacecraft that is whizzing around low Earth orbit visiting satellites, it emerged this week. The mystery craft has renewed fears that Russia has revived its interest in developing anti-satellite weapons, a programme thought to have been abandoned in the 1980s.…GvuB8n5N30

SLATE: Why Putin may be more dangerous than ever:

FORBES: Lighter Than Air? Toyota’s Quixotic Plan To Sell Hydrogen Cars Feels Almost Real

BLOOMBERG: Catalonia’s Independence Push Puts Real Estate Revival at Risk

IrishCentral: If Spain breaks up, what are the implications for Northern Ireland?…eland.html

BUSINESSWEEK: Quebec and Scotland Said No to Secession, but Catalonia Is Still Going to Try…dence-vote

BBC News: Ukraine crisis: Russia demands guarantees from Nato

Recruiter: One third of jobs in the UK are at risk from automation within 20 years, according to a joint report from Deloitte and Oxford University.

Smithsonian: Look How 30 Years of Automation Changed How Crayons Are Made

Daily Mail: Will YOUR job still exist in 2025? New report warns 50 per cent of occupations will be redundant in 11 years time

Wall Street Journal: The Problem With Blind Faith in Technology and Job Creation The Headwinds That Could Lead to a Global Depression


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