Nov 12, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (November 13, 2014)

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FUTURISM UPDATE (November 13, 2014)


FORBES: How Top CIOs Brace For The Next Big Data Breach

STRATFOR: What the Fall of the Wall Did Not Change

UPI: Lockheed Martin partners for space debris research. Lockheed Martin has announced a partnering agreement to study near-Earth space debris using the largest infrared telescope in the Western Hemisphere.

BBC: The number of people killed by the worst outbreak of Ebola has risen to 5,160, the World Health Organization (WHO) says. The Ebola outbreak is thought to have infected more than 14,000 people, almost all of them in West Africa.

THE GUARDIAN: Sir Richard Branson: self-proclaimed experts wrong about Virgin Galactic explosion — video

REUTERS: Abu Dhabi fund holding off on Virgin Galactic decision –source

WALL STREET JOURNAL: NTSB Cites Improper Pilot Command in Virgin Galactic Crash. An improper pilot command preceded the violent in-flight breakup of Virgin Galactic LLC’s experimental rocket ship Friday, according to federal safety investigators probing the fatal accident.

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Rosetta Mission’s Probe Lands on Comet. European Space Agency’s Philae Is First Craft to Land on Comet in Historic Moment for Space Exploration

LIVE SCIENCE: Why Chimps Haven’t Evolved Culture Like Humans

FOX NEWS: China takes new stealth jet for test flight during Obama visit

BLOOMBERG: China Shows Off New Stealth Fighter to U.S. Military

NEW YORK TIMES: With a Stealth Fighter, China Tries to Gain Attention

FINANCIAL TIMES: Say ‘hi’ to your new colleague and competitor: the needy robot. The next Machine Age will not just augur job losses and the transformation of some professions. The future could be a lot worse. It may also let loose an army of needy robots. This week, the MIT Technology Review…more

WIRED: Robots to cause ‘avoidable unemployment’ in 2020 Britain

BLOOMBERG: Could a Robot or AI Take Your Job?

SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST: Chinese firms seek greater share of industrial robots market. New government policies and rising automation prompt mainland makers of the devices to step up production to garner a bigger slice of the market

FORGET ABOUT JOBS COMING BACK. WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: Men or machines: will technology take our jobs? As technology transforms millions of jobs around the world, it has created a “second machine age”, which represents a new inflection point in history. Just as in the industrial age, machines are improving the effectiveness of the workforce – but they are also automating tasks that humans once performed. less

FINANCIAL TIMES: Technology threatens 1 in 3 UK jobs

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES: Robots to Steal 10 Million Low Paid UK Jobs by 2034

CLEAN TECHNICA: Self-Driving Buses Could Really Reinvent Transportation Systems

CIO: How Automation Could Take Your Skills — and Your Job

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: Will 2015 be the year of jobless growth?

YAHOO NEWS: Russian bomber patrols to reach Gulf of Mexico

YAHOO NEWS: Ebola Rages on in West Africa

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Health Officials Urge Congress for Ebola Help

CIO: German Spy Agency Seeks Millions to Monitor Social Networks Outside Germany

FAST COMPANY: Need A New Bone? Grow It From Your Own Cells

MOSCOW TIMES: The Future of Russian Private Military Companies. In Soviet times, Russian military professionals worked across the globe from Cuba to Vietnam, teaching, advising and sometimes just pointing Kalashnikov muzzles at the enemy for the sake of the proletariat. Now Russian authorities want them to do so again, but this time, for profit — and, just possibly, as a governmental proxy. less

MOSCOW TIMES: Ukraine Redeploys Troops, Fearing Russia-Backed Offensive

FORTUNE: Wearables are fast becoming part of ‘always on’ corporate culture

DER SPIEGEL: Interview with Hilary Mantel: ‘What’s Happening in Britain at the Moment Is Really Ugly’

FOREIGN POLICY: This Is Not Your Father’s Stock Market. 6 ways that global investing is breaking the rules.

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Radical Turks. Why Turkish Citizens are Joining ISIS

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: The Other Facebook Revolution. How the Internet Makes People Unhappy With Their Governments

WASHINGTON POST: Five climate lessons from Stephen Hawking

CANBERRA TIMES: Artificial intelligence and singularity could mean demise of human control.

IT WILL BE INFINITELY SOONER. BLOOMBERG: Robot Brains Catch Humans in 25 Years, Then Speed Right On By


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