Oct 12, 2014

Finish Off Your Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Costume by 3D Printing his Element Guns

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guardians pf the galaxy 3d printed element_guns

Why should you dress up as Star Lord this year for Halloween? Well for one, just like everyone else you loved the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and for another he’s not a giant tree so the costume is going to be easier to make. If you have a 3D printer of course!

When I stumbled on product designer Kirby Downey’s 3D Printed Star Lord Element Guns on Reddit I was blown away by the detail. I was certain that they were made from existing 3D models or official files but after a quick email it turns out that was not the case. Amazingly the gun only took about an hour to design in Solidworks and another half hour to cut it up into pieces for 3D printing.

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  1. 3D is fantastic for low production rate / boutique designers. After nearly 20 years of searching and scratch-building one off products, I am now in the process of bringing to life a range of armoured trains (American Civil war, WWI, WWII and the cold war). This adventure would not be possible without 3D printing. If you are interested, check my blog site for updates with an intended release for a WWII European based armoured train set in Nov, just in time for Christmas. :)