Sep 29, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (September 30, 2014)

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FUTURISM UPDATE (September 30, 2014)

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LIVE SCIENCE: Higgs Boson to the World Wide Web: 7 Big Discoveries Made at CERN

3-D PRINT: NYC Engineer 3D Prints a Mechanical Computer, The Turbo Entabulator

STATE OF THE GLOBE: World’s First Wearable Drone Takes Flight

STATE OF THE GLOBE: 12 Ways to Measure the Bitcoin Network’s Health…ks-health/

FORTUNE: Why Amazon’s Fire phone failed…ign=buffer

REUTERS: Vista Equity to buy Tibco Software for $4.3 billion…1Y20140929

MOSCOW TIMES: Russia Calls for Joint Effort With U.S. to Fight Islamic State…07990.html

DER SPIEGEL: The Caliphate Next Door: Turkey Faces Up to its Islamic State Problem…94392.html

DER SPIEGEL: Finnish Prime Minister: ‘Moscow Is Provoking a Number of Its Neighbors’…94356.html

FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Leaders Indicating. Why Markets Now Use Politics to Predict Economics

FOREIGN POLICY: Obama’s Islamic State Blame Game

VENTURE BEAT: FireChat gets embraced by Hong Kong protesters, plans for verified usernames and encryption…-firechat/

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Cyberwar: Not if. Not when. Now.

CIO: VoIP Phone Systems at Risk of Shellshock Bash Attacks…tacks.html

CIO: How Social Media Can Influence High-Stakes Business Decisions…sions.html

CIO: IT Leaders Aren’t All Coming From Tech…-tech.html

KAI: ‘Greener,’ low-cost transistor heralds advance in flexible electronics…lectronics

KAI: Turning the Moon into a giant cosmic ray detector

KAI: Ultra-low-energy-consuming transistors and circuits

THE GUARDIAN: What is the ‘Google tax’?…ge-osborne

THE GUARDIAN: Bitcoin goes mainstream: Circle’s payments make cryptocurrencies easy…my-allaire

BLOOMBERG: HP Unveils Moonshot Servers Based on ARM Technology…ology.html

BLOOMBERG: Oracle Cloud to Match’s Pricing, Ellison Says…-says.html

BLOOMBERG: Billionaire Ma Says Alibaba Works With China on Security…urity.html

YAHOO NEWS: WATCH: FAA Approves Drone Use for Domestic TV and Movie Production…65419.html

YAHOO NEWS: Protest over contract award to delay work on NASA space taxi…nance.html

YAHOO NEWS: Global wildlife populations down by half since 1970: WWF…18673.html

YAHOO NEWS: Sierra Nevada challenges NASA ‘space taxi’ contracts to Boeing, SpaceX…nance.html

NEW YORK TIMES: Cisco: The Internet Needs More Control…y&_r=0

NEW YORK TIMES: E.U. Inquiry Into Tax Deals for Multinationals Like Apple Pushes Ahead…technology

NEW YORK TIMES: Microsoft Begins a Push Into the Polling World…&abg=0

NEW YORK TIMES: Tibco Software Agrees to Sell Itself to a Private Equity Firm for $4.3 Billion…technology

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Google Capital Makes First China Investment, Backs InnoLight…t/?mod=ST1

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Brown Vetoes Bill Requiring Warrants for Drone Surveillance…TopStories

ENGINEERING: Police Motorcycles Go Green…Green.aspx

ENGINEERING: NASA Telescopes Detect Clear Skies, Water Vapor on Exoplanets…anets.aspx

ENGINEERING: Underwater Robots Could Increase Port Security…urity.aspx

ENGINEERING: Triton UAV Completes Cross-Country Navy Test…-Test.aspx Now hear this: Simple fluid waveguide performs spectral analysis in a manner similar to the cochlea

DAILY MAIL: Countdown to Mars: Nasa starts final assembly of huge rockets to test spacecraft it hopes will take man to the red planet…mailonline

BUSINESS INSIDER: Here’s How Apple Is Making Its New HQ ‘The Greenest Building On The Planet’…2014–9

FORBES: Has Marissa Had Enough Of This Yahoo Turnaround?…urnaround/

FORBES: Forbes 400: Richest Americans Facing Tougher Competition In China Business…-business/

BBC: Argentina found to be in contempt of court by US judge

BLOOMBERG: Toyota Faces New Unintended Acceleration Probe…ollas.html

FORBES: The Most Amazing PCs Of September 2014…ium=social

THE ECONOMIST: Farming in the Netherlands. Polder and wiser. Dutch farmers add sustainability to their enviable productivity.…-and-wiser

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