Sep 27, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (September 27, 2014)

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FUTURISM UPDATE (September 27, 2014)

a Amazon and Lifeboat

ENGADGET: Google’s data-transferring tool gets a shiny new interface

BLOOMBERG: Ford Due for Ratings Boost as Profit Returns to 1999 Level: Cars…

BLOOMBERG: A Primer on the Deadly Math of Ebola…h#r=hpt-ls

BLOOMBERG: Kaiser Permanente’s Genetic Database Is Boon to Medical Research…#r=nav-fst

Get Your Leather and Meat from a Local Manufacturer Named Modern Meadow

UNIVERSE TODAY: Busy Spaceport: There are Now Five Spaceships Parked at the Space Station…ign=buffer

POPULAR SCIENCE: The Week In Drones: Drones Fight Ebola, Iranian Dogfighters, And More…s-and-more

SCIENCE ALERT: Scientists have discovered an on/off switch for ageing cells

CIO: 4 Tips to Help CIOs Land a Seat on the Board…board.html

REUTERS: Secret tapes of Fed meetings on Goldman prompt call for U.S. hearings…F320140927

REUTERS: German courts uphold ban on Uber ride-share service…3320140926

REUTERS: Microsoft offers first look at new Windows — and gives it a name…2F20140926

LINKEDIN: “Getting Apple, Microsoft and Fortune-500s to Uninterruptedly Buy From You!” by @SciCzar on @LinkedIn…g-from-you

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