Sep 24, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (September 25, 2014)

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FUTURISM UPDATE (September 25, 2014)

a Amazon and Lifeboat

LINKEDIN: “Litmus-Testing Your Corporate Strategy Into For-Cash Victory!” by…sh-victory

FAST COMPANY: DHL Will Begin Testing Drones (Flying Robots) Deliveries On Friday…-on-friday

GNC: Soft robots will go where first responders can’t…14&m=1

INC: What Google Looks for in New Hires…id=sf01001

FORBES: Nearly A Third Of All Female Prisoners Worldwide Are Incarcerated In The United States [Infographic]…ium=social

GIZMODO: Meet Google’s Robot Army. It’s Growing.

DAILY MAIL: Google’s robot dog ‘Cujo’ goes on patrol with the Marines as it carries up to 400lbs of their kit and weapons…trial.html

WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. FORBES: Is Strategy Dead? 7 Reasons The Answer May Be Yes…ay-be-yes/

BLOOMBERG: Occupational Hazards of Working on Wall Street…all-street

BLOOMBERG: Obama’s War Isn’t Bush’s Mistake…-s-mistake

BLOOMBERG: Rich-on-Rich Warfare in U.S. Politics…s-politics

CSC: 3D Printing and the Future of Manufacturing [REPORT]

ZDNET: UPS expands 3D printing services across US

THE ECONOMIST: Global Markets and the world’s economy, Losing momentum…g_momentum

FINANCIAL TIMES: Philippines swings into trade deficit

CNBC: How 3-D printing will radically change the world

FORBES: The Future Of 3D Printing And Manufacturing

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW: 3-D Printing Will Change the World

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Google’s Moonshot Chief Claims Progress on Project Loon Balloons…-balloons/

THE ECONOMIST: Tesco’s accounting problems. Britain’s biggest retailer is in worse trouble than previously thought.…ing_orange

TECH COCKTAIL: 5 Experts Weigh In on the Future of 3D Printing

REUTERS: GM compensation fund makes first offers to victims, gets more claims…DI20140924

REUTERS: Apple iPhone rollout marred by ‘bendgate,’ dropped cell service…0B20140924

READY NASA. MOSCOW TIMES: Russia to Inject Massive New Funding Into International Space Station…07779.html

MOSCOW TIMES: Poll: Putin Seen by Russians as Highest Moral Authority…07773.html

NEXT GOV: FBI Plans Rapid DNA Dragnets…=ng-skybox

GOVERNMENT EXECUTIVE: Need to Know Memo: A Strategic Approach to Cybersecurity…g-earthbox

GOVERNMENT EXECUTIVE: CDC Predicts As Many As 1.4 Million Ebola Cases by Early 2015…ref=skybox

BLOOMBERG: Goldman Sees Topix Decline as Abe Exhausts Policy Tools…tools.html

GOVERNMENT EXECUTIVE: 5 Factors That Reduce Cloud Complexity (While Increasing Security)…07773.html

DER SPIEGEL: The Syrian Front: Waiting to Die in Aleppo…93123.html

DER SPIEGEL: German Central Bank Head Weidmann: ‘The Euro Crisis Is Not Yet Behind Us’…93409.html

NORWAY TODAY: Environmental activists disappointed over Norway at climate summit

HEW YORK TIMES: Exposing Hidden Bias at Google…y&_r=0

NEW YORK TIMES: Under New Leadership, BlackBerry Unveils the Passport, Its Newest Smartphone…technology

NO DOPE BUT WORK. WALL STREET JOURNAL: China’s Tech Factories Turn to Student Labor…48?mod=LS1

WALL STREET JOURNAL: The U.S. Postal Service wants to deliver more groceries for Inc.,…NeedToKnow

I FORESEE A HUGE INTRANET FOR AND BY CHINA, RUSSIA, INDIA, BRAZIL. WALL STREET JOURNAL: Russia Steps Up New Law to Control Foreign Internet Companies…NeedToKnow

FORBES: Mobile Master: KakaoTalk Creator Becomes One Of South Korea’s Richest Billionaires…lionaires/

FORBES: Amazon Begins Contacting Developers For Secret Smart Home Projects

FORBES: Molten Salt Nuclear Reactors: Part Of America’s Long-Term Energy Future?…gy-future/

FORBES: Wal-Mart Really Wants To Be Your Bank, Retailer Launches Mobile Checking Account…g-account/

FORTUNE: General Motors appoints its first cybersecurity officer…y-officer/

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Litmus-Testing Your Corporate Strategy Into For-Cash Victory!…sh-victory

KAI: New UHF RFID technology helps robots find household objects…ld-objects

KAI: Soft robotics ‘toolkit’ features everything a budding robot-maker needs

THE GUARDIAN: Russia’s eavesdropping on phone calls examined by Strasbourg court…mails-fsb–

A RESERVE-CURRENCY UNDERMINER. THE GUARDIAN: Bitcoin-mining computer company faces shutdown by US authorities…s-shutdown

BUSINESS INSIDER: This Giant Solar-Powered Plane Is Going To Circumnavigate The Earth…368438.cms

I FEEL SORRY FOR BOEING. CNN: Airbus to help develop first supersonic business jet…?hpt=hp_c4

Authored By Mr. Andres Agostini
White Swan Book Author

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