Sep 20, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (September 21, 2014)

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FUTURISM UPDATE (September 21, 2014)

a Amazon and Lifeboat

GE INTELLIGENT PLATFORMS: High-performance Automation for a Connected World

CNN: View from Russia: Could Putin be in Obama’s ‘broad coalition’ against ISIS?…?hpt=hp_c1

YAHOO NEWS: Russian fighters intercepted by U.S. near Alaska…07256.html

YAHOO NEWS: Russian fighters intercepted by U.S. near Alaska…07256.html

GLOBAL NEWS: Canadian and U.S. jets intercepted Russian planes over Arctic: Norad…tic-norad/

NOT THE WORLD, BUT NATO AND THE MIDDLE EAST. CNN: Is the world going nuts?…?hpt=hp_t5

FOX NEWS: F-22 fighters intercept Russian military planes 55 miles off Alaska…ff-alaska/

RT: Spare parts in space: NASA to send ISS its first 3D printer

NASA: 3D Printing: Food in Space

NASA: 3D Printing In Zero-G Technology Demonstration (3D Printing In Zero-G)

SPACE COM: How NASA Is Launching 3D Printing Into Space

GIZMODO: NASA Is Blasting the First 3D Printer Into Space Tonight…1636978871

THE VERGE: The International Space Station is about to get its first 3D printer…into-space

CBS: A Pill To Treat Concussions Is On The Way…n-the-way/

FORBES: These Are Not Your Father’s Solar Panels…ar-panels/

MAX PLANCK INSTITUTE: A Map of Rosetta’s Comet

THE ECONOMIC TIMES: Bill Gates meets Narendra Modi, lauds focus on sanitation and banking for poor…?adcode=13

TIMES UNION: Russia — China relations“Russia reorients to the Orient” New monthly memo from Russia Direct…760713.php

TIMES OF INDIA: It takes a solar lantern to change destinies…027767.cms

NEWS INDIA: U.S. seeks ‘talk and trade’ to rebuild India ties

BUSINESS INSIDER: Two Big Trends Will Fuel The Renewable Energy Boom For Years…z3DuDEq8Rp

BUSINESS INSIDER: This Startup Is Replacing Phone And Tablet Batteries With Invisible Solar Panels…z3DuDeumGJ

BUSINESS INSIDER: 9 Signs That Americans Will See Solar Power Everywhere Within The Decade

BUSINESS INSIDER: What If Giant Space-Based Solar Panels Could Beam Unlimited Power To The Earth?…2014-7

Could the U.S. Military Be a Catalyst for Solar Energy?…-ener.aspx

THE GUARDIAN: Solar energy cells you can print out catching commercial eye, says CSIRO…says-csiro

THE GUARDIAN: Focus on the facts – wind energy works

BBC: Generating electricity from wind power…/6616.html

BBC: Cheap solar energy…ower.shtml


By Mr. Andres Agostini

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