Sep 19, 2014

FUTURISM UPDATE (September 20, 2014)

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FUTURISM UPDATE (September 20, 2014)

DARPA: President Obama Highlights New DARPA Program Aimed at Developing Novel Therapies Customized to Individual Patients

Rising Tides – Mitigation versus Consternation

REUTERS: North Korea says imprisoned American tried to become ‘second Snowden’…0B20140920

REUTERS: French jets strike in Iraq, expanding U.S.-led campaign against Islamic State

REUTERS: Other automakers to challenge Tesla in over-the-air software upgrades…HL20140919

BLOOMBERG: Al-Qaeda Spokesman Admits Embassy Plot as Judge Questions Deal…ioned.html

BLOOMBERG: Protecting the Power Grid From Malware That Doesn’t Exist Yet…t-yet.html

KAI: A long-lasting, water-based nuclear-energy-powered battery…ed-battery

KAI: A new impermeable form of graphene oxide could be the ultimate protective coating…ve-coating

KAI: Car hacking: who’s monitoring (or controlling) your car?

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW: 3-D Printing Will Change the World

SLATE: A Very Matter-of-Fact Interview About the Russian Tradition of Arresting Billionaires and Taking Their Stuff…ments.html

BBC: Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania form joint military unit

BBC: Six Russian fighter jets intercepted off Alaska

HUFF POST: Canadian fighter jets intercept Russian bombers in Arctic…;ir=Canada

DESIGN ENGINEERING: NASA’s JPL develops multi-metal 3D printing process…ess-132113

NASA: Printing the Metals of the Future

BBC: eBay security flaw has existed for months

SCIENCE MAG: Gene therapy helps weak mice grow strong…row-strong

LA TIMES: A theory for toddlers’ turbo-charged learning style. The lack of a fully formed prefrontal cortex — the section of the brain that keeps an adult ‘on task’ — may help young kids accumulate knowledge rapidly, a study suggests.

(CNN) — 2 US. jets intercepted six Russian planes that neared U.S. airspace off Alaska on Thursday and Canadian planes intercepted 2 Russian bombers that approached Canadian airspace, NORAD reported.

MOSCOW TIMES: Putin Seeks Ways to Cut Russia Off From the Internet…07449.html

PEW RESEARCH: AI, Robotics, and the Future of Jobs

Internet of Everything is a $4.6 trillion opportunity for global public-sector organizations over the next decade

NATURE AND SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: The Long Slow Rise of Solar and Wind…45;52.html

NATURE: Economics: Manufacture renewables to build energy security…ty-1.15847

WALL STREET JOURNAL: GlaxoSmithKline Found Guilty of Bribery in China…1411114817

ADAGE: Hey, CMO: Larry Ellison and Oracle Want Your Business As Tech Titans Race to Dominate the Marketing Cloud, Oracle and Others Are Courting the New Decision Makers — You…1411659572

PHYS ORG: Quick-change materials break the silicon speed limit for computers

ECONOMICALLY, EXPECT ZERO. PEW RESEARCH: World Remains Glum about Economic Prospects

PEW RESEARCH CENTER: Global Public Downbeat about Economy. Many Wary of the Future and the Present.

BLOOMBERG: Pena Nieto Heads to New York After Energy Overhaul Moves…entum.html

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Chinese Views of India: Culturally Rich but Backward…-backward/

PEW RESEARCH: Indians Reflect on Their Country & the World. Troubled by Economic Problems, Corruption, Pakistan and China.

BUSINESS INSIDER: Alibaba Is Already The Fourth Most Valuable Technology Company In The World…z3DpXE42qS

THE NATO CONSEQUENCES. BREAKING DEFENSE: Army Scrambles On 4 Continents: Odierno Previews New Doctrine…-doctrine/

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