Aug 27, 2014

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OTTAWA CITIZEN: Ottawa jihadi seeking ‘martyrdom’ with ISIS in Syria…s-in-syria

POPULAR SCIENCE: Why Are Israeli Startups Leading The Tech World?…tech-world

SECURITY AFFAIRS: Foreign hackers stole Flight MH370 data from investigators…-data.html

ISIS Is Entering U.S. Through Our Open Southern Borders

TECH TIMES: New satellite images show rapid decline of ice sheets in Greenland, Antarctica…ign=buffer

BLOOMBERG: China Said to Consider $16 Billion EV-Charging Fund…nding.html

MORE HACKERS. COMPUTERWORLD: Shadow cloud services pose a growing risk to enterprises…rises.html

POPULAR SCIENCE: Hypersonic Gliders, Scramjets, And Even Faster Things Coming To China’s Military…ing-chinas

POPULAR SCIENCE: What Will Wisconsin Look Like In The Future?…ign=buffer

PLOS ONE: Transcriptomic Analysis of Tail Regeneration in the Lizard Anolis carolinensis Reveals Activation of Conserved Vertebrate Developmental and Repair Mechanisms

BANK INVESTMENT CONSULTANT: Dementia: The Growing Retirement Risk…gination=1

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Changing Corporate Culture Is Hard. Here’s How Lenovo Did It.…ign=buffer

SECURITY WEEK: Personal Details of 27 Million South Koreans Stolen by Hacker…len-hacker

WASHINGTON POST: For sale: Systems that can secretly track where cellphone users go around the globe…ingtonpost

REUTERS: Google buys video-processing service provider Zync Render…nologyNews

SCIENCE DAILY: Scientists grow an organ in an animal from cells created in lab

HUFF POST: Bill, Melinda Gates Donate $1 Million To Gun Control Campaign

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES: Hypersonic Weapon Developed by US Military Explodes After Lift-Off Due to ‘Malfunction’…on-1462544

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES: Could Microsoft’s DeLorean System Change Cloud-Game Streaming?…ng-1462678

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES: Cyber Threats Hiding in Plain Sight: How to Protect Your Business…ss-1460397

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES: Facebook Cracks Down on News Feed ‘Click-Bait’

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES: Lockmakers Beware: 3D-Printed ‘Bump’ Skeleton Key Can Crack High Security Locks…ks-1462688

MICROSOFT: Quantum Computing 101

YAHOO FINANCE: Wave and Tidal Energy Market — Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 — 2020…um=twitter

YAHOO FINANCE: Hydropower (Large, Small and Pumped Storage) in Brazil, Market Outlook to 2025, Update 2014 — Capacity, Generation, Regulations and Company Profiles…um=twitter

FORBES: Teaching Business People How to Make Good Decisions…ium=social

WASHINGTON POST: Coast Guard cutter fires warning shot at Iranian sailboat in brief altercation…ingtonpost

MASHABLE: Report: Snapchat Valued at $10 Billion in Latest Investment…-main-link

REUTERS: AT&T merges wireless and business units led by de la Vega…sinessNews

REUTERS: CFTC fines Merrill Lynch $1.2 million for client fee errors…sinessNews

REUTERS: GM ignition-switch fund receives claims for more than 100 deaths…sinessNews


NEXT GOV: Thousands of Weather Satellite Bugs Won’t Be Fixed For Years…ars/92465/

REUTERS: Kleiner to invest in messaging startup Snapchat at near-$10 billion valuation: report…sinessNews

TECHCRUNCH: Seagate Ships An 8 Terabyte Hard Drive, Perfect For All Of Your Totally Legal And Not Pirated Stuff…ted-stuff/

BRITAIN’S MOST ACCOMPLISHED SCIENTIST AND ASTRONOMER ROYAL Martin Rees PhD.: Can we prevent the end of the world?

MASHABLE: The Australian Workplace of The Future Is Here and It’s a Bit Blurry…source=rss

MORE HACKERS. COMPUTER WEEKLY: IoT-enabled devices to top 40 billion by 2020, say researchers…on-by-2020

KAI: ‘Robo Brain’ will teach robots everything from the Internet…e-internet

RED ORBIT: NASA Selects Proposals To Increase STEM Education At Community And Technical Colleges…wZ37mEE.99

KAI: How to enable the Internet of Things without batteries…ign=buffer

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Five things all Canadian cities should stop ignoring…e20131211/

HARVARD UNIVERSITY: Contextual Intelligence

FORTUNE: New Bitcoin challenger launches…-for-free/

WIRED: Radical New Theory Could Kill the Multiverse Hypothesis

POPULAR MECHANICS: The Electric Anticancer Helmet Battles Brain Tumors…t-16811299

IEET: Can Brain Implants Make Us Smarter?

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Global warming could be irreversible, UN report says…e20210954/

An Advanced Society, Especially a Balkanized Advanced Society!

NEW YORK TIMES: Nonprofit Hospitals’ 2013 Revenue Lowest Since Recession, Report Says…html?_r=0

POPULAR SCIENCE: The Future Of Urban Planning: Zoning For Drones

Shakespeare: To Kaisen or not To Kaisen, To Fukushima or not to Fukushima!…-fukushima

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