Aug 20, 2014

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PHYS.ORG: New generation is happy for employers to monitor them on social media

THE DAILY GALAXY: “Music of Black Holes” –Astronomers Observe a Rhythmic Pattern of Light Pulses…ulses.html

RENEWABLE ENERGY: Could Africa be the Global Epicenter of Renewable Energy by 2030?…gy-by-2030

Do gut bacteria control your mind?

‘Nanojuice’ could help diagnose gastrointestinal illnesses…-illnesses

‘Normal’ bacteria vital for keeping intestinal lining intact, preventing disorders…-disorders

REUTERS: Fed debates merits of earlier rate hike given U.S. jobs gains

REUTERS: Hewlett-Packard posts surprise revenue gain…8220140820

REUTERS: Possible Ebola patient in isolation at California hospital…e=Top+News

REUTERS: Infineon agrees to buy Int’l Rectifier for $3 billion in cash…IN20140820

REUTERS: Verizon denies it plans to open new app store…YK20140820

REUTERS: FBI warns healthcare firms they are targeted by hackers…4U20140820

REUTERS: Online video stars mobilize for U.S. net neutrality…U820140820

ENGINEERING: Lockheed Field Tests an Autonomous Helicopter…opter.aspx

ENGINEERING: GE Electron Gun Builds Jet Engines…gines.aspx

ENGINEERING: Autodesk brings NASTRAN to the Cloud and into CAD Applications…tions.aspx

ENGINEERING: NASA Reports First Discovery of Interstellar Stardust…rdust.aspx

ENGINEERING: Man-made Tidal Lagoons Could Transform UK Power & Economy…onomy.aspx

FOREIGN INVESTOR: Solar Energy Reaching State of Maturity: Challenge or Opportunity?…pportunity

SCIENCE DAILY: Solar energy that doesn’t block the view

SINGULARITY WEBLOG: Ray Kurzweil on Singularity 1 on 1: Be Who You Would Like To Be

NORWAY TODAY: Over 300 earthquakes on Iceland — fears of volcanic eruption

NORWAY TODAY: Norwegian extremist shelves IS after their new murder video

NORWAY TODAY: Honored the Coast Guard for their Syria efforts

BBC: Iceland evacuates area near Bardarbunga volcano…icRSS20-sa

BBC: Up to 30,000 ‘eligible for Ebola drugs’

BBC: Unrest in Ferguson draws attention from the US’s critics

BBC: The Wizard of Oz: Five alternative readings

BBC: Macy’s settles racial profiling cases

BBC: Russia watchdog shuts four McDonald’s in Moscow

BBC: US hospital hack ‘exploited Heartbleed flaw’

THE SCIENTIST: Methylation Tied to Alzheimer’s…zheimer-s/

THE SCIENTIST: RNA-based Sex Determination?…mination-/

THE SCIENTIST: Antibiotics, Immunity, and Obesity…d-Obesity/

THE SCIENTIST: Nanomedicine

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Neandertals Disappeared from Europe Earlier Than Thought…n-thought/

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: What Came before the Big Bang?

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Suburbs and Farms Team with Global Warming to Threaten Wild Animals and Plants…nd-plants/

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Tweets Identify Food Poisoning Outbreaks…outbreaks/

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Bio-Battery Produces Power from Your Perspiration…spiration/

POPULAR SCIENCE: The Scientifically Best Way To Get Through A Day On No Sleep…n-no-sleep

POPULAR SCIENCE: Google Protects Its Undersea Fiber Optic Cables… From Sharks…rom-sharks

POPULAR SCIENCE: Meet Harley Davidson’s First Electric Motorcycle…motorcycle

POPULAR SCIENCE: L.A.‘s Earthquake Hazard Zone Provides Parks for Rich People…ich-people

POPULAR SCIENCE: To Clean Up Oil Spills, Magnetize The Oil First…-oil-first

POPULAR SCIENCE: An Electronic Camouflage Cloak Inspired By Color-Changing Octopus Skin…topus-skin

FORBES: Expectations Shift As Gen Y Moves Into The Workforce…lift_polar

FORBES: The World’s Most Powerful Women 2014…omen-2014/

FORBES: California’s Economic Collision Course: Immigration and Water…and-water/

BUSINESS INSIDER: The US Navy is working on an incredible new underwater drone —

FORTUNE: Barnes & Noble’s path to e-books renaissance goes through Samsung

FORTUNE: Bank of America reaches $17 billion settlement with U.S.…-with-u-s/

FORTUNE: Auto loan delinquencies rise as subprime lending gains steam…ins-steam/

FORTUNE: Hewlett-Packard posts surprise revenue gain on strong PC sales…-pc-sales/

FORTUNE: Wearable Intelligence raises $8 million to bring Google Glass into the workplace…workplace/

FORTUNE: A crash course in high tech for non-tech managers

FORTUNE: Want more women in the C-suite? Start with the supply chain…ply-chain/

ROYAL SOCIETY: Summer Science Exhibition proposals

ROYAL SOCIETY: Facial symmetry does not mean better childhood health

ROYAL SOCIETY: Hang a piece of science history on your living room wall

ROYAL SOCIETY: British astronaut Tim Peake’s next mission to International Space Station named Principia

MAX PLANCK INSTITUTES: More female scientists in leading positions

MAX PLANCK INSTITUTES: Searching for Earth’s twin

MAX PLANCK INSTITUTES: “In some respects, the Wikipedia of science”

MAX PLANCK INSTITUTES: Ageing research cluster in Cologne moves closer together

MAX PLANCK INSTITUTES: Studying wild chimpanzees in Taï National Park

MAX PLANCK INSTITUTES: Grand opening of Max Planck Florida Institute in the USA

DER SPIEGEL: ‘I Could Have Stopped Them’: Ex-CIA Lawyer Defends Waterboarding Decision…86087.html

POPULAR MECHANICS: How Iron Dome is Changing Warfare—Whether it Works or Not…ck=pm_news

POPULAR MECHANICS: The Science of Disarming Syria’s Chemical Weapons…ck=pm_news

POPULAR MECHANICS: The Best Way to Help Detroit is by Tearing it Apart…ck=pm_news

THE ATLANTIC: So What Exactly Is a ‘Killer Robot’?…us/378799/

THE ATLANTIC: Blend Up the Internet and Everything Turns Orange…ge/378614/

THE ATLANTIC: Listening In: The Navy Is Tracking Ocean Sounds Collected by Scientists…ts/378630/

THE ATLANTIC: A Secret Code in Google Translate?…te/378864/

THE ATLANTIC: How Much Should You Know About How Facebook Works?…ks/378812/

THE ATLANTIC: Google Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself…lf/378608/

GIZMODO: The first “Automata” trailer is finally out and it looks spectacular:

HOW STUFF WORKS: 10 Bizarre Treatments Doctors Used to Think Were Legit

HOW STUFF WORKS: What if you fell into a black hole?…k-hole.htm

HOW STUFF WORKS: Top 10 Germs on Your Smartphone…tphone.htm

HOW STUFF WORKS: What if everyone on Earth spoke the same language?…nguage.htm

HOW STUFF WORKS: 10 Failed Google Projects

DNA impedance biosensor for the early detection of cancer

THE MOSCOW TIMES: Branson Marshals International Business to Ask Putin for Peace in Ukraine…05534.html

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: German chip maker Infineon to buy U.S. firm for $3-billion…e20135744/

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Private equity stalks Shutterfly in latest billion-dollar tech buyout…e20132958/

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Parents keeping kids’ identities off social media amid privacy concerns…e20113266/

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Canada is good at inventing, not so good at selling…e20082176/

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Sticky data: Why even ‘anonymized’ information can still identify you…e19918717/

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Google’s secretive Camp conference draws global elites…e19911828/

COMPUTERWORLD: IT puts millennials to work - as mentors…geNumber=2

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Dictators Upbraid U.S. for Racial Unrest in Ferguson…-ferguson/

FAST COMPANY: 6 Tech Leaders On What It Takes To Get Hired At Their Companies…-companies

FAST COMPANY: Uber’s Plans For Global Domination, Revealed Through Job Listings…b-listings

FAST COMPANY: 6 Tech Leaders On What It Takes To Get Hired At Their Companies…-companies

COMPUTERWORLD: How Tesla will help bring renewable energy to your business or home…ss_or_home

BLOOMBERG: HP Third-Quarter Sales Top Estimates as PC Revenue Jumps…jumps.html

BLOOMBERG: U.S. Stocks Advance While Bonds Fall on Meeting Minutes…ounds.html

BLOOMBERG: Argentine Bond Swap More Dream Than Real for KBC to JPMorgan…organ.html

BLOOMBERG: Russia Forces Its Popular Bloggers to Register — Or Else…-else.html

BLOOMBERG: The Chart That Helps Explain Cisco’s 6,000 Job Cuts…-cuts.html

CIO: Smart Armband Maker Sets Sights on the Enterprise…ships.html

CIO: 3 Mistaken Assumptions About What Big Data Can Do For You…r-you.html

CIO: New Hospital CEOs Tend to Be Outsiders, Were Rarely CIOs…-cios.html

BBC: US secret military mission tried to free James Foley and other hostages in Syria this summer, but failed — Pentagon

SCIENCE ALERT: A simple laser blast could help grow your teeth back

SCIENCE ALERT: Sperm and eggs carry genetic memories of parents’ health well before conception

SCIENCE ALERT: Student develops solar-powered lens that purifies polluted water

SCIENCE ALERT: Lifting the toxic curse

SCIENCE ALERT: Google has to reinforce its internet cables because sharks keep biting them

SCIENCE ALERT: Australian researchers make microscopes 20 times more sensitive

SCIENCE ALERT: For the first time a woman has won mathematics’ top prize
FINANCIAL TIMES: Fast Asia Open — Weak yen to lift Tokyo stocks

MIT TECH REVIEW: View from the Marketplace: What Every Company Should Know About Agile Software Development… provided by Atlassian

DEFENSE SYSTEMS: New hacking scenario emerges: Wi-Fi signal-sniffing drones

NEUROSCIENTIST: Taking the Pulse of the Aging Brain: Researchers Map the Pulse Pressure and Elasticity of Arteries in the Brain…7EWhB.dpuf

The IDF may expand its sniper capability

ISRAELI HOMELAND SECURITY: A ‘Ghost’ in operational status soon

THINK PROGRESS: Renewables Projected To Add Triple The Capacity Of New Fossil Fuel Plants By 2030

IO9: Automata Trailer Shows Off A Robot Action Movie That Gets Robots Right…socialflow

THE GERMAN ARE COMING AFTER TESLA. WIRED: BMW Launches Its Answer to Tesla’s Supercharger Network

ASTRO WATCH: Russia’s New Space Program: Killing Asteroids and Lunar Exploration

IMAGE USA: Israeli Company May Have Found Cure for ALS

ISRAEL HOMELAND SECURITY: Fast Draw – UK may ban arms trade with Israel

THE JAPANESE TIME: U.S. Navy kicks out 34 for cheating at nuclear power training…GMb8mwsite

THE JAPAN TIMES: Citibank Japan to withdraw from retail banking business…_VpFGMb8mw

THE JAPAN TIMES: McDonald’s admits to sale item overcharge, will offer refunds…_VpUmMb8mw

THE JAPAN TIMES: Northern California patient tested for possible Ebola exposure…_VphWMb8mw

THE JAPAN TIMES: Liberian police seal off 50,000 in Monrovia slum as Ebola death toll hits new high…_VpxGMb8mw

THE JAPAN TIMES: Northern California patient tested for possible Ebola exposure…_VqEmMb8mw

THE JAPAN TIMES: Brain-scan tests show how children learn mathematical skills…_VqSGMb8mw

THE JAPAN TIMES: Man-made earthquakes weaker than natural earthquakes of same magnitude: U.S. study…_VqeGMb8mw

THE CHINA TIMES: China to contribute to new global trade system

THE CHINA TIMES: BMW, China’s Brilliance extend contract term

THE CHINA TIMES: China contributes $41 bln to contingent reserve to the BRICS

THE CHINA TIMES: BRICS voices disappointment with non-implementation of IMF reforms

THE KOREA TIMES: US official discusses sanctions on NK, Russia

THE KOREA TIMES: Petrochemical firms vow to boost investment, create jobs

THE KOREA TIMES: SK Telecom tackles digital divide

THE KOREA TIMES: SK C&C partners Hortonworks for big data

THE KOREA TIMES: LS Cable wins $100 million contract in Norway

APPLE, GET BEYOND READY. THE KOREA TIMES: Samsung to tackle Apple head-on in mobile market

PAY ATTENTION. THE INDIA TIMES: Apple Stores Users’ Data on Chinese Servers?…68844.html

THE INDIA TIMES: 50 Things Science Can’t Explain…67166.html

THE INDIA TIMES: Wow! Robots Can See Through Solid Walls!…67451.html

TAIPEI TIMES: China fines 12 Japanese parts suppliers

TAIWAN NEWS: U.S. dollar down in early Taipei trading

TAIWAN NEWS: Warren Buffett’s firm to pay $896,000 penalty

TAIWAN NEWS: Why Bank of America deal might not cost it $17B

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