Aug 29, 2014

The Globalized Smartification and Changing for the Better Via Simultaneous: Activated and Deactivated Kaisen!

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The Globalized Smartification and Changing for the Better Via Simultaneous: Activated and Deactivated Kaisen!

We Activate Kaisen and We Deactivate Kaisen

Chiefly, this brief post is about the pictorial I composed here.

Pay great attention to this proprietary image. I greatly value Japanese execs and sages but they focus only on throughputting( the Known Inputs Into Desirable Outputs inside their premises, without considering the Non-Existential and Existential Risk of the External Environment (outside their industrial facade) at large as we do in the White Swan’s Tranformative and Integrative Risk Management Services.

( Throughputting is a Latin word in its ING-form stemming from Latin language, namely: Modus Operandi (MO).

Yes, they Kaisen within and beyond the Assembly Line to HHRR and many other administrative facilities and operations. However, in Transformative and Integrative Risk Management we consider and implement, as a major sub-chapter, every possible and most updated tool(s) by Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement, most of the times to a “Shock and Awe” practical level for the sake of corporate lucre in sustainability.

This is a real-life story extremely summarized. I made a granularity-of-detail executive presentation to Toyota’s Board of Directors, including Mr. Noda (the Production Director). With the largest and smallest minuteness, step by step, sub-step by sub-step, I outright proved to Toyota Chairman, CEO, Production Director, CFO and others in the Board that using Kaisen to Manage Risks Holistically as per the Western state-of-the-art understanding was beyond ineffectual and inconsequential.

Of course and due to extreme Japanese regionalism and single mindedness, Mr. Noda assumed that I was too stupid to know something substantive about Kaisen and Toyota Production System and the American Professors who taught them their “stuff” through long consultative years.

When I first knocked the Toyota front-office door, I had spent twenty (20) years studying every advancement in business, management, and industry, clearly acknowledging every upside and every downside. In fact I was first introduced to a full-scope indoctrination in Japanese methodologies by Royal Dutch Shell. In Shell, like with Mr. Jiddu Krishnamurti, there are no folly regionalism but frinctionless globalization and globalization smartification, thus embracing any useful approach, regardless of geography, story, race, ethnicity or else, as long as it further underpins the global strategic bottom-line, PERIOD!

I was heavily researching not just Toyota’s advancements and others by the Corporate Miracle of Japan of the 1980s, but absolutely everything regarding the countermeassuring of any form (including its many synonyms) of, direct or indirect, disruptions, both in the West and the Far East.

As Japan was topnotch and nobody in the West was doing something meritorious (as per Noda’s schema), he found it stupid and time-wasting and not lucrative to even consider the methodologies, even those by NASA and way beyond that, that I was ruthlessly researching, nation by nation, industry by industry. Ergo, as my amazing father and Napoleon Bonaparte stated, “ … I only have one counsel or you — be a master …” to the strategic surprise (Sputnik Moment) of Toyota, Noda, and Mitsubishi Motors.

Mr. Noda was extremely infuriated with me but, despite him, the Chairman hired me and carried on with emotional evenness, that of a Wise and Sage Patriarch. Mr. Noda gave me a nickname that I will not release at this or other time.

Other considerations pertaining to Kaisen and its evolution way beyond that, I will be commenting about in due time.

By Andres Agostini
White Swan Author

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