Jul 22, 2014

Lifeboat Foundation Worldwide Ambassador White Swan Update and Published Amazon Author by Andres Agostini at AND

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Five reasons HarperCollins’ ecommerce is just part of a clever anti-Amazon strategy…-strategy/

Italy gives Google 18 months to comply with European privacy regulations…egulations

Yahoo buys mobile analytics firm Flurry…irm-flurry

Stripe steps up PayPal rivalry with Australian launch…ian-launch

When Technologies Combine, Amazing Innovation Happens…on-happens

Mysterious dance of dwarfs may force a cosmic rethink

Plants are talking and these sensors let us hear what they’re saying…aying.html

Law of physics governs airplane evolution

China set to be net investor

Noninvasive retinal imaging device detects Alzheimer’s 20 years in advance…in-advance

More-efficient solar-powered steam

3D-printed-anatomy developers aim to revolutionize medical education…-education

Apple posts $7.7 billion in profit, but all eyes look to new products in the fall

China and Switzerland sign currency swap agreement…p;cid=1203

REUTERS: U.S. court rulings create new uncertainty over Obamacare…JI20140722

REUTERS: Facebook’s Zuckerberg to testify at N.Y. forgery trial: prosecutors…C120140722

REUTERS: EU antitrust regulators likely to step up Google probes: WSJ…ZJ20140722

REUTERS: Hacking experts build device to protect cars from cyber attacks…FR20140722

REUTERS: Google must face U.S. privacy lawsuit over commingled user data…XA20140722

REUTERS: PayPal signs “ten of thousands” customers in Nigerian launch…2L20140722

Europe Treads Cautious Path in Confronting Russia…_17_russia

U.S. Intelligence No Closer to Pinning MH17 Downing on Russia…_on_russia

Economics 101: How The Cloud Is Changing More Than Just Technology…nology.htm

3D Printing Goes Big-Time for Small Production Runs…ction-runs

The Internet of Things May See Huge Growth, So Companies Want in Now

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Allysia Finley: How Government Is Making Solar Billionaires

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: 4 Industries Most in Need of Data Scientists

Schizophrenia’s genetic ‘skyline’ rising: Suspect common variants soar from 30 to 108…iants.html

Lifeboat Foundation Worldwide Ambassador White Swan Update and Published Amazon Author by Andres Agostini at AND

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