Jul 8, 2014

Lifeboat Foundation Worldwide Ambassador White Swan Update and Published Amazon Author by Andres Agostini at

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3 Things You Should Know About The Network Economy…k-economy/

Google’s new wearable project is a smart contact lens with medical uses

Neuroscientists Object to Europe’s Human Brain Project…ce=twitter

Super Typhoon Threatens Three Of Japan’s Nuclear Power Plants…w.facebook

Possible aircraft technologies of 2040

REUTERS: Wall St. slumps in broad decline, Dow under 17,000…4H20140708

REUTERS: Verizon: U.S. government made 150,000 customer info requests in 2014…0120140708

REUTERS: Samsung, Intel, Dell team up on standards for connected gadgets…9920140708

Securing the Smart Energy Grid Is a National Concern

Microwaves of the future count calories so you don’t have to

Taking Past Lessons Learned, Amtrak Designs The Next Acela…ium=social

REUTERS: Lacker says inflation moving toward Fed’s target…sinessNews

This Artificial Intelligence Company Could ‘Eradicate The Spreadsheet’ And Do The Work Of A $250,000 Consultant

The Polar Vortex and Global Warming – Does One Disprove the Other?

DARPA Condensed an Entire Communications System Into This Dime-Sized Chip

An Urban Reality: Smart Cities…ign=buffer

GE’s $1 Billion Software Bet

Google’s founders on the future of health, transport – and robots…-interview

A newly launched satellite will reveal even more about the planet’s workings than originally planned…s-workings

13 Predictions About The Future That Were Spectacularly Wrong — See more at:…LYLls.dpuf

SPIEGEL Interview with Hillary Clinton: ‘Surveillance on Merkel’s Phone Was Absolutely Wrong’…79812.html

Steve Wozniak: No one wanted to work under Steve Jobs ever again…jobs-apple

The Ethics of Autonomous Cars…rs/280360/

THE ATLANTIC: Edward Snowden or the NSA: Who Violated Your Privacy More?…re/374066/

THE ATLANTIC: We’re Already Designing Babies…es/373896/

THE ATLANTIC: Data Science: What the Facebook Controversy is Really About…ut/373770/

CNN: Kill switch: breeding kamikaze mosquitoes…?hpt=te_t1

CNN: Uber cheaper than New York City taxi — for now

YAHOO FINANCE: Concern Over ‘Severe’ Pullback Sends U.S. Stocks Lower

YAHOO FINANCE: After Detroit, another city ponders bankruptcy…50788.html

YAHOO FINANCE: United Airlines to outsource more than 630 jobs at U.S. airports…nance.html

YAHOO FINANCE: Who’s Next? Pot changes won’t stop with Washington…nance.html

YAHOO FINANCE: Belgium seeks meeting with France’s BNP to discuss $9 billion U.S. fine…ector.html

BUSINESSINSIDER: Here’s Why Militaries Around The World Prefer To Buy Russian Weapons

Sand-based lithium ion batteries that outperform standard by three times…rform.html

Astronomers bring the third dimension to a doomed star’s outburst

Lifeboat Foundation Worldwide Ambassador White Swan Update and Published Amazon Author by Andres Agostini at

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