May 6, 2014

White Swan Update by Andres Agostini at

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White Swan Update at

Functioning of aged brains and muscles in mice made younger…de-younger

Stem cells from teeth can make neuron-like cells and networks…d-networks

How to change the crystal structure of graphene from metal to semiconductor…iconductor

Bone marrow-on-a-chip unveiled

Predicting the Future with Big Data

Will RoboBees Out-Swarm the Real Ones?

The laws we need to rule cyborgs…s.24064199

Nokia Bets $100 Million on Smart Car Tech…t-car-tech

Let’s Bring Engineers into Studying the Brain

Autodesk Builds Its Own Virus, as the Software Giant Develops Design Tools for Life Itself…fe-itself/

The Neuroscientist Who Wants To Upload Humanity To A Computer…f=obinsite

Sony tape smashes storage record

The history of the flying car

This Psychedelic Virtual City Makes Music Controlled By Your Brain Waves…rain-waves

Internet Of Things: What’s Holding Us Back…id/1235043

Xerox Chief Technology Officer Sophie Vandebroek shares her vision of healthcare made simpler through robotics and 3D printing.…25713119=1

New U.S. Report States “Climate Change Has Moved Firmly into the Present”…y-present/

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