May 31, 2014

White Swan Update by Andres Agostini

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CORS  Large

White Paper — Market Research and Social Media in the 21st Century

How Digital Currency Could End Corruption in Afghanistan…ghanistan/

“Humans are lazy. People go from plausible suspicion to way overconfidence.”…omous-car/

Driverless Cars: Optional by 2024, Mandatory by 2044…ign=buffer

Winning in the Digital Channel: The E-Commerce Opportunity in Consumer Goods…sf26766071

Chinese Internet Companies Rapidly Gaining Global Influence…ce=twitter

Maybe Dogs Don’t Want to be Walked by a Drone…y-a-drone/

Mars Ahead? SpaceX Unveils Dragon V2 Capsule for Astronaut Trips

How Smart Houses And Big Data Will Change Real Estate Economics…ium=social

As Big Data Grows, a New Role Emerges: the Chief Data Officer

LA Optometrist Selling Google Glass Says Interest Is “Huge”…t-is-huge/

Glitz, Glam and SpaceX: Inside Elon Musk’s Dragon V2 Spaceship (Video)

Teen invents battery-free flashlight…light.aspx

Walmart CEO Says Retail Giant May Buy 3D Printer Company…mpany.aspx

Edison2 – Daytona Speedway…dison2art6

Mentor Graphics — Becoming the Standard for Electronics Design…esign.aspx

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