Feb 7, 2014

The Future Of Scientific Management, Today!

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FEBRUARY 09/2014 AND 10/2014 LIST OF UPDATES. By Mr. Andres Agostini at The Future of Scientific Management, Today! At
Nanoparticle pinpoints blood-vessel plaques

Mimicking atherosclerosis with blood cells on a microchip…-microchip

IBM’s $100M ‘Project Lucy’ brings Watson to Africa

A microchip for studying cancer metastasis

9 Ways Quantum Computing Will Change Everything…verything/

Quantum Internet: First Teleportation to a Solid-State Quantum Memory…um-memory/

MIT theorists predict new forms of exotic insulating materials…-materials

Tasso Simplifies Blood Sampling, Secures $2.3M…con-valley

Obama Ratchets Up Support of Natural Gas Vehicles,industry_auto,industry_alt,aid_271431&dfpLayout=article

Back to the Future

New York Police Department is beta-testing Google Glass

Transcendence Movie Features Real Future Predictions…edictions/

Physicists May Prove Our Universe is a Computer Simulation…imulation/

How everybody who has ever died, can be revived in the future

Patel Engineering consortium lowest bidder for 1,000 MW hydel project…991697.cms

Top Secret Drone Takes Flight in a Very Public Way…c-Way.aspx

High Energy Laser System Will Simulate Cosmic Conditions…tions.aspx

What Can Google Bring with its Move Into Industrial Robotics?…otics.aspx

Construct Your Own Car In Under an Hour…-Hour.aspx

Army Blimps Cast a Wide Net To Protect Washington…ngton.aspx

Looking Backward: Curiosity gazes upon the setting Earth…thset.html

30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs In Africa 2014…rica-2014/

Where Will You Find Your Analytics Talent?…sf22497195

Technology Vision 2014: Become a Digital Disruptor

A Formula for Big Data Success—Infographic…sf22497320

Harnessing Hyperscale: Innovation in the Hardware World

From Digitally Disrupted to Digital Disrupters…sf22420345

Big is the Next Big Thing…sf22420283

Collections and Client Recovery: An Evolutionary Approach…sf22496930

How New York’s Fire Department Uses Data Mining…22262461=1

Clinical Information Systems (CIS) of The Future…sf22262430

The Insight Economy

Here’s What Exploding Natural Gas Prices Mean For The American Consumer

As the GMAT Turns 60, Experts Discuss How to Prepare for the Test…src=usn_tw

Facebook’s Next Decade: 3 Key Challenges…_mc=sm_iwk

#5facts You Should Know About Your iPhone

7 Stress-Busting Mantras That Keep You Relaxed…mg00000033

Bitcoin’s Political Problem

What Noise Does the Electric Car Make?…-car-make/

It Turns Out Twitter’s Not for Everyone…-everyone/

Some Mobile Apps Add Anonymity to Social Networking…etworking/

Why Google Kept Motorola’s Research Lab…earch-lab/

Burning the U.K.’s Plutonium Stockpile Could Fast-Track New Reactors…-reactors/

Solar Thermal Technology Poses Challenges for Drought-Stricken California…alifornia/

Monkeys Modified with Genome Editing…e-editing/

The Future of Personal Entertainment, In Your Face…your-face/

Target and Neiman Marcus Testify on Data Breach – But What Reforms Will Result?…ill-result

Washington Tackles Facial Recognition…ecognition

Privacy and Security Considerations of Telehealth

Meet Our 2014 TechProm Kings and Queens…and-queens

International Data Protection Day: Reding hits the right notes on EU data protection and surveillance…u-data-pro

Can Samsung phone trade-in values ever match Apple’s?…ch-apples/

Feeling glum, happy, aroused? New technology can detect your mood…index.html

Waiting for datapocalypse

California Could Require a ‘Kill Switch’ for Every Smartphone…feedburner

How the iPhone 6 Might Look With a Larger Screen…feedburner

LG Might Unveil the G Pro 2 This Month in Korea…feedburner

Politician seeking limits on UTOPIA fiber network wants “accountability”…ntability/

The GOP arms itself for the next “war” in the analytics arms race…arms-race/

March 8, 1918: Killer Influenza

Earliest footprints outside Africa discovered in Norfolk…y=Science#

Oldest Known Hearth Found in Israel Cave…y=Science#

Ingenious: Fixing a body’s broken genes is becoming possible…y=Science#

N.S.A. Program Gathers Data on a Third of Nation’s Calls, Officials Say…ml?hp&_r=0

October 2015: The End of the Swipe-and-Sign Credit Card…tions_tech

GoPro Straps Three Banks Onto Its Head for IPO, Will Seek to Raise Around $400 million…tions_tech

Icelandic Hydrogen Finally Pushed Gasoline Off the Road…nergy.html

First Hotel on the Moon Finally Opens…urism.html

How the World will look like in the next 50 years

Beam Yourself Around the World with Telebeamer…ology.html

Can Paralyzed Walk in the Future?…ealth.html

Big data today will be the norm tomorrow…spx?Page=1

QUOTATION(S): “…By mid-century, computers will be linked directly into our nervous systems via nanotechnology, which is so small it could connect every neuron in our brains. By about 2040, there will be a backup of our brains in a computer somewhere, so that when you die it won’t be a major career problem…” AND “…The future is being colonized all the time by people who have the resources, who do spend time thinking about it, planning for it and trying to shape it in their direction…”

CITATION(S): “…By the end of the twentieth century, science had reached the end of an era, unlocking the secrets of the atom, unraveling the molecule of life, and creating the electronic computer. With these three fundamental discoveries, triggered by the quantum revolution, the DNA revolution, and the computer revolution, the basic laws of matter, life, and computation were, in the main, finally solved .… That epic phase of science is now drawing to a close; one era is ending and another is only beginning .… The next era of science promises to be an even deeper, more thoroughgoing, more penetrating one than the last .… Clearly, we are on the threshold of yet another revolution. HUMAN KNOWLEDGE IS DOUBLING EVERY TEN YEARS [AS PER THE 1998 STANDARDS]. In the past decade, more scientific knowledge has been created than in all of human history. COMPUTER POWER IS DOUBLING EVERY EIGHTEEN MONTHS. THE INTERNET IS DOUBLING EVERY YEAR. THE NUMBER OF DNA SEQUENCES WE CAN ANALYZE IS DOUBLING EVERY TWO YEARS. Almost daily, the headlines herald new advances in computers, telecommunications, biotechnology, and space exploration. In the wake of this technological upheaval, entire industries and lifestyles are being overturned, only to give rise to entirely new ones. But these rapid, bewildering changes are not just quantitative. They mark the birth pangs of a new era .… FROM NOW TO THE YEAR 2020, SCIENTISTS FORESEE AN EXPLOSION IN SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITY SUCH AS THE WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE. IN TWO KEY TECHNOLOGIES, COMPUTER POWER AND THE DNA SEQUENCING, WE WILL SEE ENTIRE INDUSTRIES RISE AND FALL ON THE BASIS OF BREATHTAKING SCIENTIFIC ADVANCES. SINCE THE 1950S, THE POWER OF OUR COMPUTERS HAS ADVANCED BY A FACTOR OF ROUGHLY TEN BILLION. IN FACT, BECAUSE BOTH COMPUTER POWER AND DNA SEQUENCING DOUBLE ROUGHLY EVERY TWO YEARS, ONE CAN COMPUTE THE ROUGH TIME FRAME OVER WHICH MANY SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHS WILL TAKE PLACE .… BY 2020, MICROPROCESSORS WILL LIKELY BE AS A CHEAP AND PLENTIFUL AS SCRAP PAPER, SCATTERED BY THE MILLIONS INTO ENVIRONMENT, ALLOWING US TO PLACE INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS EVERYWHERE. THIS WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING AROUND US, INCLUDING THE NATURE OF COMMERCE, THE WEALTH OF NATIONS, AND THE WAY WE COMMUNICATE, WORK, PLAY, AND LIVE…”

BOOK(S): A Fire Upon The Deep (Zones of Thought) by Vernor Vinge. ISBN-13: 978–0812515282


Mr. Andres Agostini
Risk-Management Futurist
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