Feb 1, 2014

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FEBRUARY 01/2014 UPDATES. By Mr. Andres Agostini at
A brain area unique to humans is linked to strategic planning/decision making/multitasking…ltitasking

Physicists create synthetic magnetic monopoles

Stress turns ordinary cells pluripotent

Natural plant compound prevents Alzheimer’s disease in mice…se-in-mice

First one-way acoustic circulator lets you hear without being heard…eing-heard

First weather map of a brown dwarf

Chemical imaging brings cancer tissue analysis into the digital age…igital-age

Your Next Apartment Might Be Inside A Power Plant…ower-plant

500 million biometric sensors projected for “Internet of Things” by 2018…gs-by-2018

The Pattern Library: A Great New Resource For Designers (And Wannabes)…-designers

The Booming Industry Of Startups Serving Startups…g-startups

Congrats, Millennials. Now It’s Your Turn to Be Vilified

NSA pursues quantum technology

Driverless Trucks Will Keep Army Safe From IEDs

Timeline of the Future

One day a drone might throw you a life preserver…preserver/

A Perspective on Artificial Intelligence: The Machine-Reading Revolution is Coming

DAILY QUOTE: “…In summary, the future is a phenomenon that will be completely real someday even though it does not exist today .… Even if the future is approximately equal to today, it will also differ dramatically from today in many particular ways…”


Radical Abundance: How a Revolution in Nanotechnology Will Change Civilization by K. Eric Drexler

ISBN-13: 978–1610391139

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