Oct 10, 2013

There is this wonderful German-language Report on the Higgs Boson and the LHC

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I learned from it about the unfathomable degree of social coherence among the many thousand scientists and engineers whose synergy makes this largest constructive effort of humankind since the pyramids possible. And it also revealed the wonderful spirit of Peter Higgs who is a loving mind in the old sense of a devout scientist.

Ranga Yogeshwar here made it clear to me for the first time WHY this brave community could not respond to a novelty that would have destroyed their cohesion. The effort was too big to be disturbed even for a few days of “second thoughts.” For that it was too late from the beginning.

So CERN’s public refusal to update its “safety report” for more than 5 years is part and parcel of the beauty of the new pyramid (the word means “immortality”). Imagine the pyramids’ construction having been disturbed by a news that interfered with its political and divine purpose: This would have meant the end of the whole effort and the civilization behind it.

So I apologize to CERN: “Dear admired colleagues, please, forgive me that I tried to disturb your super-human effort by insisting on a safety update!”

Ordinary mortals have no right to interfere with a divine project. If the devotion behind it implies accepting a harsh fate for the community at large, the Egyptian/Aztec rationality of a large number of dedicated individuals cannot possibly be tampered with. It is not religion: it is collective dynamics – chaos theory – or as my colleague Hermann Haken calls it, Synergetics. “When the flag is flying the brain is in the trumpet.” The rules of rationality are suspended in this case according to the Bible.

Poor Einstein, poor dear Peter Higgs, poor humankind. Hopefully, someone jumps upon the 5 years.


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