Sep 2, 2013

Frederik Pohl passes away

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frederik.pohlOur Frederik Pohl just passed away.

Despite being 93, he worked to “Safeguard Humanity” to the end. He was a key player in this year’s “Lifeboat to the Stars” event. The award was given to the authors of “Tau Ceti”.

Fred also participated in our DARPA/NASA 100-Year-Starship proposal which eventually led to us gaining enough experience in creating NASA proposals that we got our first NASA win.

Fred will be memorialized forever on our Advisory Board Memorial.

We will miss him.

Read the press release.


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  1. A true tragedy. Pohl is a poet and pioneer who should not have gone.

  2. I do wish we could get a few more of our luminaries to appreciate the potential in cryonic suspension. Dr. Robert