Aug 15, 2013

My smoothest Pebbles

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Science depends on lonely pebble-searching as Newton said and Einstein practiced. Close to a pebble found, there always lie equally shiny others according to Maxwell. I look forward to the reader kindly searching around one or the other of the 25

1) Cryodynamics – sister discipline to thermodynamics – exists, being valid for attractive inter-particle potentials

2) Concentric electron beams will cool hot spots in the ITER via cryodynamics (with A. Sanayei and I. Zelinka)

3) Spiral chaos (stimulated by Art Winfree)

4) Hyperchaos

5) Boltzmann’s “hypothesis of molecular chaos” deterministically proved (using smooth Sinai disks)

6) Aging equation (with R. Rossler and P.E. Kloeden)

7) Gödel incompleteness explained as a limit to the travelling salesman problem (with G. Andreeva)

8) “Travelling-salesman-with-alarmclocks problem” (similarly Eric L. Charnov’s “optimal foraging problem”)

9) Brain equation (finding a locally optimal solution to the TSWAP)

10) Brain-life is independent from metabolic life

11) Superior intelligence, hardware-wise, of the orangutan (implicit in aging equation)

12) Causal therapy of autism, by inducing a Rosen-type epigenetic function change (approved by Gregory Bateson)

13) “Person attractor” (name courtesy Detlev Linke), confirming Lévinas exteriority

14) “Assignment conditions” (A.C.) complement Newton’s “initial conditions” (I.C.) and “laws”

15) Chemical evolution represents an Erdös growing automaton (similarly S. Kauffman, J. Cohen, K. Matsuno)

16) B-N-B-N-, rather than C-C-C-, based life predictable inside Jupiter (with A.P. Schmidt)

17) Jumping identities of transfinitely-indistinguishable particles (generate classical Gibbs-Pauli-Primas cell)

18) Micro time reversals in classical observer explain the fullfledged doubly occupied Pauli cell (with Michael Conrad)

19) Observer-centered causal (“endo”) explanation of Planck’s constant h

20) Endo explanation of Einstein’s constant c (with R. Rossler and P. Weibel)

21) Noether’s theorem, applied to Einstein equivalence principle, implies global constancy of c

22) Black-hole theory updated: nonevaporation, unchargedness, Reeb foliation (with D. Fröhlich)

23) Metrology revised due to new constants of nature (Telemach theorem)

24) Everett theory predicted to win out against Copenhagen interpretation (in Zeilinger’s forthcoming relativistic Bell experiment)

25) Neocosmology (based on cryodynamics)


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