Jul 10, 2013

Quantum Entanglement in Future Communication Technologies

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The arXiv blog on MIT Technology Review recently reported a breakthrough ‘Physicists Discover the Secret of Quantum Remote Control’ [1] which led some to comment on whether this could be used as an FTL communication channel. In order to appreciate the significance of the paper on Quantum Teleportation of Dynamics [2], one should note that it has already been determined that transfer of information via a quantum tangled pair occurs *at least* 10,000 times faster than the speed of light [3]. The next big communications breakthrough?

Quantum Entanglement Visual

In what could turn out to be a major breakthrough for the advancement of long-distance communications in space exploration, several problems are resolved — where if a civilization is eventually established on a star system many light years away, for example, such as on one of the recently discovered Goldilocks Zone super-Earths in the Gliese 667C star system, then communications back to people on Earth may after all be… instantaneous.

However, implications do not just stop there either. As recently reported in The Register [5], researchers in Israel at the University of Jerusalem, have established that quantum tangling can be used to send data across both TIME AND SPACE [6]. Their recent paper entitled ‘Entanglement Between Photons that have Never Coexisted’ [7] describes how photon-to-photon entanglement can be used to connect with photons in their past/future, opening up an understanding into how one may be able to engineer technology to not just communicate instantaneously across space — but across space-time.

Whilst in the past many have questioned what benefits have been gained in quantum physics research and in particular large research projects such as the LHC, it would seem that the field of quantum entanglement may be one of the big pay-offs. Whist it has yet to be categorically proven that quantum entanglement can be used as a communication channel, and the majority opinion dismisses it, one can expect much activity in quantum entanglement over the next decade. It may yet spearhead the next technological revolution.

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[3] Bounding the speed of ‘spooky action at a distance’
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[7] Entanglement Between Photons that have Never Coexisted


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  1. Niccolò Tottoli says:

    Dear Tom
    Interesting. Please can you tell me, what the LHC has to do with quantum entanglement?
    A kind call to the past, when a catastrophe happens because of exotic particles or ‘new physics‘?
    Take care, Niccolò

  2. Niccolò Tottoli says:

    (Explanation: manifestation of the non-locality of quantum mechanics not only in space, but also in time. [7])

  3. Tom Kerwick says:

    Niccolò — Very good question. The relationship with LHC is largely superficial — both exploring new physics in different directions. As for exotic arrangements — note that entanglement is an extremely fragile state — consider it a bit like a frail thread or spiders web through space-time (or to be more precise — outside of space-time, as tangling seems to take a short cut) — the slightest over-nudge and the entanglement breaks down. Not a type of setup you would associate with hazards or catastrophe discussed before.

  4. Niccolò Tottoli says:

    Dear Tom
    Thank you for your honest answer, I really appreciate it.