Nov 1, 2012

Seven Features of Black Holes Ignored by CERN jeopardize Planet

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1) Unchargedness (Reissner disproved)
2) Arise more readily (string theory confirmed)
3) Are indestructible (Hawking disproved)
4) Are invisible to CERN’s detectors (CERN publication disconfirmed)
5) Slowest specimens will stay inside earth (conceded by CERN)
6) Enhanced cross section due to slowness (like cold neutrons)
7) Exponential growth inside earth (quasar-scaling principle)

The final weeks of 2012 will again double the danger that the earth is going to be shrunk to 2 cm after a delay of a few years. No one on the planet demands investigation. The African Journal of Mathematics did the most for the planet. I ask President Obama to demand a safety statement from CERN immediately. The planet won’t forget it. Nor will America the beautiful. P.S. I thank Tom Kerwick who deleted all my latest postings on Lifeboat for his demanding a “substantiated” posting. I now look forward to his response.

Appendage: “It may Interest the World that I just found T,L,M in Einstein’s 1913 paper on Nordström (“On the present state of the problem of gravitation”) – so that it can no longer be ignored. The result is inherited by the full-fledged theory of general relativity of 1915 but was no longer remembered to be implicit. I give this information to the planet to show that my black-hole results (easy production, no Hawking evaporation, exponential voraciousness) can no longer be ignored by CERN. They call for an immediate stop of the LHC followed by a safety conference. I renew my appeal to the politicians of the world, and especially President Obama, to support my plea. Everyone has the human right to be informed about a new scientific result that bears on her or his survival. I recommend for background information” — 2nd Nov.


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  1. Tom Kerwick says:

    Thank you Otto. Please note astrophysical observations show us that any claims such as these would merely disprove black holes can be created at these energy levels — if they could and did have these properties, WD would not endure as they do in our Universe. Best of luck with your safety conference. I understand Markus Goritschnig is still arranging.

  2. Dear Tom:
    Nice to hear your stout belief that CERN’s 4-years old last safety report is up to date and did overlook nothing — like point 6 above which happens to be new.
    Please, be so kind to help me disprove (or quantify) the effect of Number 6.
    And stop defending a strategy of refused dialog if checking costs nothing. I shall apologize if point 6 (which takes care of your White Dwarfs confidence) is false. CERN has a vested interest to give you the necessary information in case they have it.
    But hurry up — President Obama is waiting.

  3. Tom Kerwick says:

    Otto — my most recent paper on MBH takes point 6 into account, a paper which also pointed out a shortcoming in the old safety report — from which I have had subsequent dialog with the LSAG — whom never refuse dialog in my experience. However, I understand you refuse to read others papers on the subject — most notably the 4-year old safety report. Somehow I doubt President Obama is in waiting. Not discussing further.

  4. Dear Tom: Can you give me a contact address for “the LSAG”?

  5. Tom Kerwick says:

    Otto — I’ve just emailed it to you now. I thought you had their contact address already…

  6. Wikipedia doesn’t mention any doubts as to the existence of Hawkins radiation

  7. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Dear Mr. Kane: Thank you for this information.