Oct 18, 2012

“In Search of a Friend for the End of the World”…

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… is too early a movie at the present time (although it is nice). I instead re-iterate that I cannot understand the stubbornness of a whole planet refusing to check whether the offered proof of danger contains an error or not. All of the planet’s media never behaved as irresponsibly before: to refuse checking is never intelligent or defensible in retrospect, or is it?

A German higher administrative court (OVG Münster, Az. 16 A 591/11) ruled definitively yesterday that the principle of reversal of the burden of proof is not applicable in this case: You have to prove that the potentially earth-eating black holes are actually being produced before you can lawfully object to the ongoing attempt at their production.


Let me re-iterate how I see the situation in a manner that is maximally self-critical in a Popperian sense:

The 28 years old Einstein wrote a paper in 1907 which contained a radically new prediction: clocks located more downstairs in gravity (like at the base of a high-rise building) are slower-ticking in a locally imperceptible way. The G.P.S. later agreed.

It took quite a number of years until the automatically existing corollaries to this breathtaking result became identified unequivocally: T (clock time) is accompanied by L (meter-stick length) and M (particle mass) and Ch (particle charge), all locally invisibly affected by the same factor, the first two going up, the last two going down. Since some people have difficulty remembering 4 items at once, I call this find Telemach (T, L, M, Ch) for short. Note that Telemachus helped his father Ulysses expel the suitors of his mother’s throne.

Telemach does not interfere with general relativity: it is implicit in it. But Telemach interferes with some allegedly physical implications of general relativity – Reissner-Nordstrom and Kerr-Newman amongst them. And the most famous post-Einsteinian black-hole theorems (including wormhole based time travel and Hawking evaporation) go down the drain as well. Thus there automatically is a strong lobby in existence against Telemach according to the motto “This is not true and if it is true we don’t believe it.”

Why do I insist on Telemach being important enough to deserve an attempt at falsification to be made by the scientific community? The reason is the looked-forward to hopeful production of black holes (“one every second”) at CERN in Switzerland. CERN’s scientists did publish a big paper a year ago to the effect that they did not find any. Unfortunately, shunned young Telemach predicts that CERN’s sensors cannot detect its most hoped-for success, black holes.

The prediction of an enhanced success rate combined with sensor blindness goes so much against the honor of CERN that they decided 4 years ago to sit it out. No update of the 2008 safety report appeared ever since, no talking to the press about dangers any more, no compliance with a court’s tactful kind request to admit a “safety conference” (January 27, 2011), no permission given to “CERN’s Young Scientist” to implement their invitation for a talk made to a CERN critic 2 ½ years ago, no permission for CERN’s sister organization (the United Nations Security Council) to conduct an investigation – while simultaneously the fact that this highest terrestrial body had been asked for help blocked all national parliaments from discussing the matter.

No one who is accused of committing a crime – this one could be the worst of history – can be expected to act differently. I sympathize with CERN. Few temptations for mortals are less inescapable. Imagine: you got ten billion dollars to test certain hypotheses with maximally shiny machines – and then it is revealed that if you follow the allotted task an entirely new risk is encountered: those who gave you the money will not be pleased. Will you have to give the money back if you hesitate continuing on schedule? In other words: no one would have acted differently in CERN’s place. They just had to crank up their attempt to generate these suddenly allegedly dangerous objects, every year and every month and every day – especially so during the last three scheduled months that we are living through right now before the machine will be dismantled for two years in favor of an almost doubled-in-performance successor after the end of the year 2012 .

So everyone fully understands CERN, both in the present situation and from the point of a future intelligence looking back (as we hope will exist). Only some blockheads who still believe in individual virtues like honesty and dignity are protesting: “Is this not a crime?” When the emperor asks you to die along with him, you have no choice but to comply.

Some parents love their children more than the emperor. I see no friend for the end of the world as of yet.


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  1. Diana says:

    Je beschrijft jeezlf als iemand die met innovatieve ideec3abn komt en van abstracte uitdagingen houdt. Je bent praktisch ingesteld en wanneer er zich problemen voordoen ga jij oplossingsgericht en direct te werk. Je bent naar eigen zeggen iemand die het liefst systematisch en onafhankelijk te werk gaan en dingen tot op de bodem uitzoekt. Je beschrijft jeezlf als een nieuwsgierig, realistisch en origineel persoon.

  2. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Dear Diana:
    Thank you for your interesting comment (which for some reason is not visible right now).