Sep 1, 2012

Lunar Space Station vs. Asteroid Mission

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The glacial pace of NASA’s human spaceflight program –even with the glaciers melting- may possibly see human beings leave Earth’s gravitational field in 2025. Possibly.

The missing piece of the puzzle is a radiation sanctuary massive enough to protect a crew from a major solar event on such a journey.

A fairly massive shelter, probably made of RFX1, will have to be available for any deep space mission. But why chase down a boulder? A mission to orbit the moon is a much more worthwhile project.

Why do we have a space station orbiting the Earth instead of the Moon? The answer is money of course. Such a station would not have the protection of the Van Allen belts and would require heavy shielding. The vehicle to insert such a heavily shielded station into lunar orbit and resupply it existed in the form of the cargo version of the space shuttle- called Sidemount.

Sidemount was never funded, and a vast amount of money- over 100 billion dollars- spent on the ISS was essentially wasted on tin cans going in endless circles at very high altitude. It does have a nice window though.

Low Earth Orbit is a dead end.
We now have the opportunity to launch a station to orbit the Moon in a relatively short time frame using the Delta IV vehicle. But again, the political football that is human space flight is the first to be cut- while cold war monstrosities like the V-22 Osprey and F-35 Stealth Fighter suck up billions and deliver wonder weapons that do not work.

Why are we trapped and going in circles- going nowhere? Along with the trillion dollar war, billions of dollars are.….missing. Nobody even knows where those billions went.

I know one thing; there went our space program.…l-history/


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  1. JohnHunt says:

    More details please.

    Delta IV heavy to launch what? Metal cylinders or inflatables?

    How would you get the necessary amount of shielding to a lunar orbiting space station?

    What makes a lunar orbiting space station so valuable? What do you think of Gateway?

  2. GaryChurch says:

    “What makes a lunar orbiting space station so valuable?”

    A lunar space station would be, quite unlike the ISS, a spaceship waiting for an engine. And a spaceship is always the best space station.