Aug 14, 2012

New Space Tourism Company

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A new corporation in Alameda California is pitching space tourism and the old Alameda Naval Air Station as America’s next spaceport.

Tritonian Cruises is seeking funding for a study of tourist submarine operations under the ice of the Neptunian moon Triton.…ystem.html

Modeled after successful tourist submarine businesses in Hawaii and other Pacific locations, the excursions under Triton promise to be exciting for adventurers and profitable. When asked about the distances involved, company representatives dismissed any difficulties as trivial. “Besides,” one remarked, “the taxpayers do not understand anything about space if they think we can go to Mars, so we should get funding.”

Over half a billion tax dollars have so far gone to commercial space companies developing private rockets for tourist purposes. Ostensibly for supplying the International Space Station, critics charge the ISS as a front and being “a useless collection of overpriced tin cans going in endless circles at very high altitude” and have also referred to these private inferior lift vehicles as “hobby rockets.”

Meanwhile, projects such as the sentinel warning satellite go begging for pennies.…e-on-earth

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