May 29, 2012

“Flame” Inflames Computers — The Slow Bomb Produced at CERN Inflames the World

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Hawking could save us all if he spoke up.

A pope knealt before Hawking to make him re-confirm the big bang. I kneel before Hawking to make him re-confirm Hawking radiation.

Then we are all safe.


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  1. Roger E. Smith says:

    What the hell are you talking about? I used to enjoy your website, but this bizarre anti-CERN rant you have taken for the last few months has turned me off forever. Good luck with the aluminum foil hats, you loony.

  2. Tom Kerwick says:

    What’s most embarrasing about this is that you are on the particle physics advisory board of the Lifeboat Foundation. Have you considered contributing a post to Lifeboat on biotech/medical where your opinion is more respected?

  3. Thank you for telling me about the important position of Dr. Smith.

    It would be wonderful if he could give us a reason why he feels so sure about the danger from CERN — which no one could heal faster than Professor Hawking — to be non-existent. And I ask his forgiveness for my having under-estimated him on the other blog a few minutes ago where he also had only vented emotions. Hopefully with a good reason.

  4. Maybe Professor Hawking would like to comment on the enclosed preprint?:

    Einsteinophobia – Ultimate Reason for CERN being Allowed to Jeopardize Planet?

    Otto E. Rossler, Faculty of Science, University of Tübingen, 72076 Tübingen, Germany


    Two years after presenting the theory of special relativity with important additions to Poincaré, Einstein offered his most lonely discovery – the equivalence principle. The satellites of the G.P.S. got a special switch installed just in case Einstein’s most absurd prediction should hold true: that the atomic clocks in outer space tic too fast to mesh with their earth-bound twins. A bunch of three corollaries to Einstein’s revolutionary time-change result was found one hundred years later (proportional changes in length, mass and charge). The new trias has tangible consequences for another pioneering experiment: the currently running LHC at CERN. Designed to produce artificial black holes, the Large Hadron Collider experiment depends for its success and safety on the equivalence principle. However, the ambivalent attitude of humankind shown toward Einstein – as superman locked into a shrine of devotion mixed with aversion – prevents the completed equivalence principle from being taken into regard. It implies that black holes (1) arise more easily, (2) are invisible to CERN’s detectors, and (3) will with the first sufficiently slow specimen shrink the earth to 2 cm in a few years’ time. The short time span is owed to chaos theory. Like with any other new result, there is a remaining chance that it is flawed. However, the scientific community refuses to check on it for 16 months of LHC operation ‚thereby having already accepted more than a fifth of the risk scheduled to be accumulated during the rest of the year. Why? This first planet-wide violation of rationality can be explained by a subtle form of antisemitism. I invite the scholars to contradict me in time.

    Key words: Completed equivalence principle; Telemach theorem; LHC experiment; Black-hole danger; Einsteinophobia; Antisemitism


    It takes one a while to believe that Einstein was sincere when he called the equivalence principle of 1907 “the happiest thought of my life.” The thought appears almost too simple, not to say naive: to wonder whether ordinary acceleration, experienced in a speed-gaining car or train or rocketship, and the familiar pull of gravity under our feet, are identical.

    The question sounds childish – but if you have just discovered the laws of special relativity, you realize that this previously unavailable instrument represents a means to deduce all features of gravity from first principles provided the conjecture is true. (Newton had posed the same question before, as Thibault Damour unearthed, but had come too early lacking the theory of relativity.) A superhighway into the unknown suddenly opened up.

    Gravitational Clock Slowdown

    Most everyone has heard that the G.P.S. satellites available to motorists to date contain clocks that need to be artificially slowed to mesh with their earth-bound twins. This had been Einstein’s hardest-won insight – that the same clock, when taken to a lower altitude, ticks more slowly there in a locally counterfactual manner. This most absurd insight ever held by a human being was bound to be a joke – right?

    The way how he found it was the Doppler effect: The tip of the long rocketship necessarily has been accelerating a bit longer when a light pulse emitted from the rear arrives – owing to the finite speed of light. So the arriving light comes from a receding (falling-back) place in effect and hence is Doppler-reduced in its frequency. The rear end is in a constant receding motion relative to the tip as far as the latter can tell even though both always keep the same distance. A crazy thought, isn’t it?

    Some people cherish such mental gymnastics and yearn for more: this absurd conceptual universe deserves serious attention! What if light goes back and forth in between the rear and the tip – will there be a chaotic intermingling of the up and down going light pulses? I owe this question to Dieter Fröhlich. The answer we found is “no”: Everything surprisingly fits neatly together. What other consequences do apply?

    Only psychedelic people tolerate such musings without getting confused since they have given up on consistency before. Here, a straightforward question comes to mind when we stick a bit longer: If photons from the rear clocks always arrive redshifted (frequency-reduced) by the same factor as we saw; and if the same photons are locally normal in every respect,as we saw: then the locally normal-appearing energy of those lower-level photons is bound to be reduced compared to the tip – right? This result is new.

    Since locally, everything is normal, it follows that all masses located down there must be reduced by the redshift factor, for ordinary masses and photons are locally interconvertible in positronium annihilation. Absurd?

    But then the reduced mass implies a proportionally increased size via quantum mechanics’ Bohr radius formula. This fact now jibes perfectly with the locally undetectable increased wavelength of the photons down there. Equally absurd.

    And to make the scandal complete: Charge, which stands in a fixed ratio with mass in the rest frame for every particle class, joins mass in being reduced by Einstein’s redshift factor. Maximally absurd: The venerable law of charge conservation, overthrown?

    Therefore Einstein’s single-handedly found local gravitational clock slowdown T goes hand in hand with 3 equally strong breaches of commonsense: a local length increase L, mass decrease M and charge-decrease Ch. The completed Einstein theorem therefore comprises four letters rather than one: T-L-M-Ch. The name “Telemach theorem” offers itself. The happiest thought has become 4 times as happy.

    The Fear Revived

    Einstein foresaw the holocaust in 1939, two years before it was decided upon. But he later did not succeed in preventing the bomb from being dropped in 1945, despite all efforts made. “I made one mistake in my life” he later confessed to Linus Pauling. His life was crushed. He did not want to be saved by surgery from his aortic aneurysm a decade later – a form of suicide.

    Is it not terrible to have such insights? He could not return to the equivalence principle himself since his mind was seared by too much thinking about it. However, the three letters subsequently added to his T do have tangible consequences, too. They totally alter the properties of black holes (an implication of his thinking which he had always found unfinished).

    Black holes are suddenly infinitely far away with their surface (called horizon) from the outside world because of the infinite redshift (blackness) of the horizon. This is paradoxical since they can be circled by spacecraft or even held in one’s palm in principle. A bounded surface covering an infinite volume is the opposite of an infinite surface covering a finite volume (Mandelbrot’s find): Totally absurd? The equations of the subsequently developed theory of general relativity retain all features of Telemach. [Telemach was actually spotted there first.] So we need to be grateful to Einstein?

    He himself had given up out of self-hatred. Do we have to hate this new implication of his mental universe as well – apart from the bomb I mean –?

    Savior Einstein

    Owing to the two new features of black holes – their horizon being infinitely far away and their being uncharged –, they possess radically new properties: They do not Hawking-evaporate (the famous unconfirmed prediction made by Hawking in 1973) and, for both reasons taken together – no radiation and no charge –, are undetectable by the machine built to produce them. At the same time they have become much more likely to be successfully generated by the LHC. This is because a general form of string theory is implicit in the new unchargedness of black holes (electrons can no longer be point-shaped because they would then be black holes and hence uncharged). As if this were not bad News enough, chaos theory implies that black holes grow exponentially inside matter (a property also known empirically from the giant black holes in the cores of galaxies). Viewed as “attractors in real space,” black holes come in all sizes, scaling across more than 60 orders of magnitude. They are the most unstoppable matter-eating parasites in the cosmos.

    Einstein always said of himself that he had a black soul – as black as the coffee he was drinking. Is the bomb-conceiving and enabling physicist not at his worst here one more time?

    The opposite holds true. His happiest thought enabled the planet to recognize in time the infinite danger incurred by the current attempt to generate artificial black holes on earth. So hopefully still in time. For the machine built to produce them while blind to them, has by now already been allowed to be running for 15 months. However, it can still be stopped before having tripled its luminosity (output) as scheduled for the remaining 7 months of operation in the year 2012. Therefore a quadrupling of the already incurred risk can still be avoided – a noble goal.


    This is a simple-minded scientific paper. It showed that the way the mind of the young Einstein worked was both psychedelic and immaculate. He opened up a realistic scenario that is still but marginally investigated. Othe unfathomable scenarios can be expected to await discovery in close vicinity to the gold vein he unearthed.

    The unfortunate fact that his thinking went unheeded in one implied ramification – the properties of black holes – can hopefully still be healed by an immediate stop of the suicidal LHC. The sin committed by Einstein, through his not having succeeded in preventing the bomb from being deployed, will be considered to have been made up for – if not forgiven – if now his thinking belatedly prevents an even more formidable exponentially growing “slow bomb” from getting implanted into planet earth.

    Historical Quote

    “This day and age we are living in / Gives cause for apprehension, / With speed and new invention, / And things like four dimension, / Yet we get a little weary / From Mr. Einstein’s theory” (Herman Hupfield “As Time Goes By” 1931, quoted on page 420 of Lisa Randall’s 2011 book “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”).


    I thank Kensei Hiwaki, George Lasker, Ayten Aydin, Hugh Gash, William Graham, Susie Vrobel, Artur Schmidt, Christophe Letellier, Jürgen Parisi, [ ] Alf Pretzell, Markus Goritschnig, Tom Kerwick, Andy Hilgartner, Olafur Eliasson, Peter Weibel and Dieter Fröhlich for discussions. For J.O.R.

    (May 29, 2012)

  5. hdc says:

    For sure you will be able to publish this “scientific paper” in the new journal of your crackpot-friend Naschie. :D

  6. Oh no — anonymous hate replacing science? Please, reply, my dear friend.

  7. hdc says:

    Do you really call this piece of nonsense “science”, worthy to be published in a journal?

    No one needs to hate your crackpot friend to call him what he is, a numerology-crackpot.

  8. Please, reply, my dear friend.

  9. Tom Kerwick says:

    Otto — thanks for sharing your preprint — it reads more like a magazine article than a scientific paper of course, in that it presents opinion rather than a proof. So have you submitted it to be published somewhere then?

  10. I would stick to the phrase “This is a simple-minded scientific paper.” It will appear in a conference proceedings volume. Thank you for the feedback.

  11. hdc says:

    As usual. Most of your “papers” are in fact just conference proceedings. And if we subtract all the stuff published in journals with your crackpot-friends on the board how much of your “300 papers” would remain?


  12. hdc says:

    The above text is not a scientific paper, the quality is even lower than normally required for conference proceedings

  13. A single counter-argument, dear hdc? Everyone is waiting. You may be strong enough to give it.

  14. Yolanda says:

    Actually, a star more massive than the Chandrasekhar Limit will bemoce a neutron star. It must be more massive than the Landau-Oppenheimer-Volkov Limit of 2.3 solar masses to bemoce a black hole.

  15. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Okay: what do you want to say with these known statements?