Apr 3, 2012

Dear World Press –You Could Help

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Either I am a liar or not. You treat me like being one by your observing a world-wide curfew. I must have made grave mistakes in the past that explain this attitude.

I admit that my latest post on Oppenheimer is a bit technical since I mentioned the duration of a trip down to the horizon of the black hole remnant of a collapsed star and back. But my conclusion was easy to understand: If Oppie was right then both trips take an infinite outside time. Every high-school student can confirm this.

Therefore my public request to CERN, to please before starting 8 TeV proton collisions on a large scale tomorrow give a reason as to why they stick to a theory of black holes that denies Oppenheimer’s finding, is perhaps sufficiently grounded on facts to be worth reporting.

Forgive me for my turning to you directly.


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  1. Susie Vrobel says:

    I agree that communication should ideally work without attacking each other. But Otto Rössler’s quest is not based on an ad-hominem fallacy. The mini black hole would take an infinite amount of time to disperse.
    As for the tone which reigns this universe of discourse: Antonio Damasio has shown that we cannot make decisions without emotions, yet this fact is disregarded in the scientific discourse.. I therfore ask you to take account of this very revealing parameter.

    Susie vrobel