Apr 2, 2012

A Letter of Support for Antonio Ereditato

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Professor Ereditato’s basic insight – that particles sent across differing longitudes can be technically speaking superluminal – was correct. This I showed in my paper on Lifeboat submitted to Science (…ting-earth ).

I regret the unscientific demand for clairvoyance-in-retrospect – not to have seen that the effect is technically smaller than claimed – which led to his resignation from “Opera” about which fact I learned today from a newspaper.

His enthusiasm and openness to the new is sorely needed by the scientific community. I would like to ask CERN to re-hire him. You cannot let your best man go.


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  1. As you may have seen from my last post, I am the only true supporter of CERN’s.

    My asking for a safety conference is only meant to help them re-gain the justly admired high standard that the Internet is proof of every day.

    Is asking for a safety-check really that horrible a suggestion to make to a scientific institution? Please, dear CERN, allow me to be your friend.

    Apologizing can be the most honorable deed before the world. And you need not even apologize: just admit the safety conference before continuing.

    Thank you.