Jan 6, 2012

Listen: This Is an Emergency!

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If a single specialist says “This is an emergency!,” the world MUST listen.

Except when another scientist says in a way that can be upheld by him: “I gave the following disproof.” No such scientist speaks up. The few who tried 4 years ago on the web gave up to defend their arguments against the counterproofs offered immediately, in order to keep their mouths shut in public ever since, also against the much simplified theorem offered two years ago.

Not stopping to check the proof that this is an emergency – but instead continuing the attempt at building undetectable-at-first micro black holes in their “black hole factory” for a year – as CERN did, is undefensible before history. All currently esteemed science journalists are violating their duty. The world’s media might lose their subscribers in the wake of this worst press scandal ever.

Why this strong language here? It is because the media withhold from you, the readers of the world, that not a singlespecialist colleague speaks up against the proofs presented (Telemach theorem, Gothic-R theorem). So every person learns that checking facts is no longer fashionable on this planet: Poor youth, the brightest of history, poor future, poor planet.

It all started with Germany dishonorably discharging – retroactively 5 years into the past so as to expel the family from their inherited house – a university professor, because she had insisted on keeping her patients and lab in accord with her call for “endocrinology” and refused to accept an involuntary professorship for “gastroenterology,” a special discipline for which she held no license.

This change in the laws for public servants in Germany – the second in 20th century history – had similarly evil effects in retrospect as the first. In the first case, many scientists – the best – were dishonorably discharged as the planet knows, paving the way for the holocaust. In the second, all scientists were made slaves so as to no longer dare say the truth when duty demands, paving the way for the CERN planetocaust.

The new lawful slavedom of Germany’s elite explains the new slavedom of the scientific elite at CERN under German leadership. This at the expense of humankind’s survival with a sizeable probability, as the readers of the renowned “Lifeboat” are allowed to know after “Achtphasen” gave up under pressure.

I say all of this only to hear a reason why the planet, with the silent approval of all quality media, refuses the scientific “safety conference” asked for by the Cologne Administrative Court on January 27, 2011.

My colleague Nicolai upholds long disproved counterarguments, as I learned through an anonymous blog today. Everything is solved if a single newspaper has the courage to ask Professor Nicolai and me to discuss our results and counter-results about the properties of black holes.

Or else if Professor Nicolai wants to leave the right of way to Professor Hawking, this would of course also interest the readers since there is no more heroic scientist on the planet than him, and he so far did not have the time to talk to me as he let me know. The first time I was made aware of Lifeboat, by the way, was when he published his support (in his heart-moving book “George’s Secret Key to the Universe”).


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  1. P.S. I deeply appreciate being a member of “Lifeboat University.”

  2. AnthonyL says:

    Gary Church has posted a post attacking Professor Rossler in the most unpleasant terms drawn from the vocabulary of the toilet. He has also taken to erasing Comments on the thread underneath the post,…ment-99435.

    The following comment was removed today and I repeat it here, with the suggestion that supporting members of Lifeboat ask Gary Church to remove himself from this site until he can a) stop insulting fellow posters b) stop using obscenities and c) stop erasing contributions to threads.

    Comment erased by Church:

    AnthonyL on January 8, 2012 6:51 am
    “I will delete any comment favorable to him. I would be stupid not to delete such comments and you are not too sharp suggesting I leave them up.”

    This seems illogical, and impolite to Lifeboat readers, who can surely make up their own minds as to Rossler’s merit in being concerned about the LHC, whether or not you agree with him. Surely if Rossler is as worthless as you say he is (using language which is so scatological that in my opinion it should be banned on Lifeboat if you want to be taken seriously) readers can see it, and if the comments supporting him are worthless, they should be able to see that too. Why do you lack confidence that they will?

    Wanting to censor people for their ideas and the facts they offer implies that you take them seriously and feel that the danger is that other people will, also. If you think they are silly or misguided then you should have faith that others can join you in your opinion, not censor them. Houston’s post here was factual and listed prominent names in science who agree with Rossler that there is extreme danger in the LHC escalation, though the actual chances are unknown, because they cannot be predicted with certainty. You should restore his post and debunk it if you wish, letting us see for ourselves why it deserves trashing. At the minimum, we should be able to check his references.

    You seem to think that Rossler is totally wrong and misguided, and his posts let down the standards of Lifeboat. Don’t censor him, then, because everyone will be able to see it, and ignore him. If he is right in his conCERN, however, you and we will be able to see it, if you abandon your censoring attitude and read what he says.

    For example, his recent post “I Dreamed of Dying”….-run-again seems cogent to me, but apparently, you haven’t read it, perhaps because the title is too poetic for an entry of scientific thinking, which is Roessler’s habit, which reflects a rounded view of the world as more than scientific, which may be what we should all adopt, given that Lifeboat’s fundamental concern is with the future of humanity.

    For anyone who loves science the idea of censoring debate is absurd, since its very lifeblood and its engine of progress is free debate, without which the bad ideas you disapprove will reign undisturbed, protected by force.

    You should surely be confident that your criticism will defeat nonsense, and not need any help from intellectual violence, which is what censorship is.

    Let’s note that my comment concerns the substantive points made by Rossler and others as to why the LHC raises serious concerns. It does seem that you have a valid point that he does make many posts without additional points, and this detracts from the value of his agitation here. But we have to remember that if he is right, any number of posts would be justified if it somehow raised the level of attention and awareness of what he and some other names you must respect (on Houston’s list, now erased by your editing of these Comments) all state has the potential of total erasure of all of us.

  3. Otto E. Rossler says:


    is a good word for lifeboat.

    Is there a chance to find the interesting comment by Dr. Houston which is now erased as you say?

  4. Anthony L says:

    I believe this is it, unless I am mistaken. He also later posted a shortened version but I believe this is the original. If not I will find the original and post that.

    Robert Houston on January 4, 2012

    What is lowering the standards on this blog are vituperative attacks such as Mr. Church’s post, which engages in gutter level name-calling as a substitute for rational discussion. Mr. Church maligns all who are concerned about the potential dangers of CERN’s unprecedented LHC experiments as guilty of “idiocy.” In addition to Prof. Otto Rossler, such concern has been expressed by a number of Ph.D. scientists, including German government physicist Rainer Plaga, theoretical physicist Adrian Kent of Cambridge, and Nobel laureate Francesco Calogero, Prof. of Physics at the Univ. of Rome. Such concern is consistent with the Lifeboat’s purpose of “safeguarding the human race from extinction.”

    Mr. Church’s attempt to smear such safety concerns about the CERN collider as “conspiracy theory garbage” is also off-base. Conspiracy is defined as secret cooperation for a criminal goal. There is nothing secretive about CERN’s project. Its own scientists have long admitted that “the LHC could…become a black-hole factory” (CERN Courier, Nov 12, 2004) and may generate strangelets of the dangerous kind (see Both phenomena — unlike all other threats considered at Lifeboat — are capable of causing total human extinction and planetary loss. In fact, three CERN-affiliated physicists calculated that “the lifetime of the earth could be shortened to less than 30 years after the LHC produced its first black hole in one extra dimension” (B. Koch et al.,, July 22, 2008, v. 1, p. 2).

    For an extensive, well-documented review of the LHC dangers, see “Critical Revision of LHC Risks” at .

  5. AnthonyL says:

    And don’t omit to read the wonderful and very long article by Eric Johnson at