Jan 30, 2012

Einstein Found ”Gravitational Clock-slowing“ – I Say the Latter Finding Implies “Gravitational Photon-mass Reduction”

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Every high-school student can confirm this conclusion, but the Albert-Einstein-Institute says this conclusion is false. For it implies if true that CERN is building a planet-buster – a fact which must perhaps not become known at the time of a planned new war.

“The house is burning but no one takes notice” (Buddha).


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  1. If someone can say the same thing more tactfully, I would be grateful.

  2. John Williams says:

    Since (A) your post is in badly written English and (B) your demonstration of logic is flimsy, I call shenanigans.


    Einstein found X — I say the latter (the latter what?) implies (demonstrate, don’t imply) “Y”

    Every high-school student can confirm this (pronoun abuse, does it refer to Einstein’s X or your Y?) but the AEI says it (pronoun abuse again) is false. For it (what are you talking about?) …

    Furthermore, the term you want is “Gravitational Clock Slowing”. Apparently every high school student can form a complete and intelligable sentence (even that might be a stretch), what they cannot do is build atomic clocks (and not all of them could figure out how to play with atomic clocks, without instruction.)

  3. I followed your kind advice regarding seamless languaging by correcting my 4 mistakes at this minute.

    Being in your debt, I only very meekly add that Einstein’s insight took more than 50 years to become an experimental fact. Fortunately the new corollary got automatically verified along but for some reason, very few people put their finger on this fact so far.