Nov 19, 2011

Friendship Lies at the Root of Science: Dear CERN, Please, Admit the Safety Conference

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Doing an unsafe experiment is unprofessional. Refusing to check a proof of implied danger is unheard of. And when the danger is the worst of human history, the decision to ignore it and go ahead acquires an eery touch.

My request to be allowed to give a talk at CERN was not granted although the CERN young scientists had invited me years before. My kind request to the scientific community to come up with a counter-proof to my results met with dead silence after an early attempt had fizzled. The logically required scientific safety conference is being denied for almost 4 years. The identical request made subsequently by a court – the Cologne Administrative Court – on last January the 27th, is refused to be reported by the media. (Only an Internet newspaper reported on it, in German, .)

Allow me to briefly repeat the relevant facts:

1) There is a finite probability that the LHC machine of CERN can produce miniature black holes. This hope was one of the major reasons why the “Large Hadron Collider” was built.

2) My gothic-R theorem of 2007 and my simpler Telemach theorem of 2009 imply that black holes have radically new properties. There exists no counter-proof up until now. Moreover, the Telemach theorem was independently found by professor Richard J. Cook of the U.S. Air Force Academy.

3) The new properties include “absence of Hawking radiation” and “absence of charged black holes.” Both classic features are tokens of the standard physical world view, the former proposed 38 years ago by a maverick young scientist, the second is the essence of the 95 years old standard Reissner-Nordstöm metric. CERN’s maximum-performance detectors are because of Telemach unable both to detect and to exclude black holes.

4) It is embarrassing to have such a big result on hand. A presented proof implies the necessity either of a counterproof or of diverging empirical evidence, which both are far and wide between. Unfortunately, the new result greatly enhances the probability of experimental success. Simultaneously, the new unchargedness of black holes implies that charged particles like electrons cannot have a zero diameter — so “string theory” has a first empirical basis owing to Telemach.

5) The mini black holes produced at CERN will in the case of success in their vast majority pass right through the earth to thereafter disappear for good. But the first of the maximally rare ultra-slow specimens endowed with a velocity of less than the Kepler speed of 11 kilometers per second, will stay inside earth.

6) After hours or weeks of uneventful orbiting inside earth, the trapped mini black hole will eventually pass close enough to a charged quark to cause it to start circling-in. This event momentarily increases the mini-black hole’s attractive power by more than 30 orders of magnitude, causing the mini black hole to become an “ultra-mini quasar” — an electro-gravitational engine. The main property of this engine is exponential growth inside matter.

7) It is then only a matter of time – a few years — until the exponentially growing seed has eaten the earth inside out so as to turn it into a 2-cm black hole itself.

8) The resulting terrestrial mini-quasar will keep the moon in its orbit, making for a splendid sight to an imaginary lunar resident. Only by proving Telemach wrong can terrestrial safety be restored.

In the wake of these 8 points, I now ask my fellow earthlings not to become scared too much. The odds for the worst case lie still below one percent. The almost 1 trillion maximum-energy collisions achieved by CERN up until now lie markedly below the originally planned number so that, with some luck, the accumulated danger lies well below the one percent level.

After 5 or ten years of waiting we shall know better. Up until then, the experiment should not be resumed – unless, of course, someone succeeds in finding a counterproof to the Cook-Rossler theorem. The odds for this to happen are optimal if the long overdue safety conference is convoked in the coming three months – before the planned resumption of proton-proton collisions at CERN.

This particular “falsification task” represents the noblest scientific goal of history.

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