Nov 18, 2011

Femtotechnology: AB-Needles Fantastic properties and Applications

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Femtotechnology: AB-Needles. Fantastic properties and Applications

after posting this on and seeing its shared on I was a bit shocked by the community of reads in their disregard for these thoughts on Femtotechnology. One reader was quoted to say

I don’t understand why people bother talking about femtotech when we barely even have nanotech…

And while the reader’s voice should be heard, I like to think that if we can imagine it, its worth being a part of the tool box. These ideas are some +50 years in the making and just as nanotech or any other tech this literature predating our abilities is necessary in crafting human kinds exploration. So this entry is a bit activist, and so what smile #fullspeedahead.


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  1. auzzie says:

    i wonder if femtotechnology would integrate into transhumans?

  2. ;-) Eventually it will…but per the broadest missions of nana, pico, or femtotech creating “smart matter” would eventually integrate everything in existence.
    The ultimate promise of nanotechnology is to suffuse the universe with “smart” matter and energy that can exploit natural laws in a way that keeps the universe safe and vibrant. When all, or enough, of the “dumb” matter/energy in the cosmos has, instead, been converted into supercomputing, teleconnected nanotechnology, it will no longer have to blindly follow cosmic forces.