Oct 2, 2011

Laughingstock CERN: With Cold-dark Matter and Dark Energy Evaporated, the LHC Is Obsolete

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The Large Hadron Collider experiment at the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN), the most expensive peaceful experiment of history, has lost its scientific justification after two of its 3 raisons d’etre are gone. Specifically, the two reasons for its design mentioned in the title can no longer be searched for now that the new statistical-mechanical discipline of cryodynamics has demonstrated their nonexistence [1].

The third major reason for the operation of the LHC experiment — the attempt to create artificial miniature black holes and to study their Hawking evaporation — ceased to make scientific sense 3 years ago when two papers implying the non-existence of Hawking radiation were published [2,3].

However, at the same time the probability of a success of the experiment regarding the production of miniature black holes got a large boost. This is a bit embarrassing in view of the fact that this success cannot possibly be detected by the outdated sensors CERN installed [3]. Thus the experiment ceases to be a scientific experiment when started defiantly (as this later happened).

However, would its success (to be made about twice as likely during the present month’s experiments [4]) not represent a major advance even if this success can become manifest only in about 5 years’ time [3]? The answer is a sounding yes: a few scientists will then rejoice. But so not in public and so not for long because shortly thereafter, the planet will be absorbed into a 2-cm black hole. “Panbiocide” is the technical term (C.A. Hilgartner).

But this must be a joke? So far, this danger [3] while going unquoted by CERN remains unfalsified. The whole planet therefore merrily intones “Oh you dear Augustin CERN” to Marx Augustin’s original melody of 1679 [5].


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