Oct 9, 2011

Either Hawking or I

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I admire Stephen Hawking. He did not receive me so far.

I proved that Hawking radiation does not exist because Einstein was right.

Therefore the Geneva experiment is maximally dangerous: It is going to shrink the earth to 2 cm in a few years’ time with a sizable probability unless stopped immediately.

It may already be too late but the bulk of the danger can still be avoided.

Dear planet, please choose: either death or life: either Hawking or me.


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  1. Robert Houston says:

    Even a longtime Hawking backer, physicist Wm. Unruh of the Univ. of British Columbia, concluded in a major paper that “whether real black holes emit Hawking radiation remains an open question…” (Abs., see: ),

    If the mini black holes that CERN scientists admit may be produced at the LHC are not evaporated by Hawking radiation, they will not even be detected and could continue to grow, potentially consuming the planet.

    Dr. Rossler’s estimate that the Earth could be shrunk to 2 cm is confirmed by Wikipedia (“Schwarzschild Radius”), which indicates that this would indeed be the size of a black hole with the mass of the Earth.

  2. AnthonyL says:

    Anyone who picks up a copy of Lisa Randall’s latest masterwork and best seller will see that her own predictable explanations of why the LHC escalation is safe are way out of date and entirely ignore the problems with the safety arguments published by CERN, which she appears not even to have read properly, like Martin Rees.

    This is another indication of the religious faith all top physicists have in a happy outcome even though all their predictions have failed to come about so far.

    Is it correct for the global public to trust these people in the face of Professor Rossler’s great anxiety, when their publications show they are behind the eight ball on this supremely important issue?