Sep 3, 2011

Space Junk! Environmental concerns!

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Dear Team and readers,

I am particularly concerned about the damage we cause to the environment starting with junk in space, earth, and the ocean.

As a participant of Singularity University ’11 at NASA Ames, I am very happy to share with you my video about space debris:

I am willing to create an international organization that regulates the amount of debris starting with space. If interested, contact me.

I hope you will like it and feel free to publish the video and share it among your friends.



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  1. robomoon says:

    You mentioned junk in space, earth, and the ocean. Regarding junk in the ocean, here’s this clip about Seasteading. -/- What some listeners might have heard after the prefix “BREAKTHROUGH PHILANTHROPY” in this clip from track position 0:05 on: … the audience applauds. Speech: every year our car gets safer, our phone smarter, and our medical treatment more advanced … -/- From track position 5:02 on: … and Seasteading needs you. We need experienced entrepreneurs who can join us and bringing the Silicon Valley spirit of innovation to where it’s most thoroughly needed. So … -/- So Seasteading is not philanthropy for the inexperienced, because we don’t own cars, our phones are more than 3 years old, and our medical treatment has not gotten much better within one decade. -/- The only innovation someone like us can think of could be something as useless as a junk impact study with a water stream inside a former tunnel for particle acceleration to help entrepreneurs gaining more hydro technical experience. After the complete stopping of the LHC, that tunnel would be open for any innovation. We are not scientists, so we do not even think about the idea to evaluate its useful reconstruction for supercomputing in physics with a circular ring network. Certainly this could lower the risk of greater damage to the environment just in case if concerned governments and CERN agree to do something useful for saving humanity and the living Silicon Valley spirit of innovation, because dangerous subatomic matter with more a decade of delayed reaction time on molecules might be accidentally created by the latest particle collision experiments. -/- There must be a way descendants of humanity can get away alive without a real experience from this danger that is going to be ultimately tragic when the Earth’s core collapses for at least half its size. It will also turn all your cars and great homesteads into some shrunk planet junk.