Sep 29, 2011

Dear CERN: Either Reply or Stop

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A big institution that does not object that what it is doing can evaporate the earth in a few years’ time cannot refuse answering much longer.


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  1. Otto,

    OK — this is a clear appeal to timeframe.

    Please identify how many years is “a few years”.

    And then, when this period has elapsed and the Earth persists, will you then cease to bombard this blog with your repeated claims of doom and destruction?

    I’m guessing no — on both counts.

  2. Dear Steve:

    An explosion that grows exponentially is by definition “sensitively dependent on initial conditions.” So it is in principle impossible to say whether an unfortunate miniblack hole residing inside earth is going to reach maturity (2 cm) in one or 5 years or longer. My guess is that the statistical peak will lie around 5 years, but you are entitled to other guesses.

    And: Forgive me that for logical reasons it would be reckless to stop warning until there is no longer a chance to save lives by this warning, or don’t you agree?

    It does make me feel relieved a little bit that you seem to have reason not to be convinced that the black-hole danger exists. Is it a nuisanxce if I ask you what your rational reason is?

    Thank you very much,

  3. Thanks Otto

    I have stated my reasons for doubting the LHC offers any level of risk of creating micro black holes previously in this blog — and will continue to do so.

    Five years it is — I’ll be in touch ;-)

  4. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Your argument was not convincing: can you state it in a “hard” form to facilitate falsification? You know I am waiting not alone.