Aug 15, 2011

Thankyou, UN Security Council, for Having Taken the Responsibility: Now, Please Act Today

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If you do not act, earth will be shrunk to 2 cm in a few years’ time with a probability of about ten percent as everyone knows.

The reason is that no scientist can disprove that black holes:

1) are never finished,

2) do not evaporate (Hawking is wrong),

3) are uncharged,

4) arise more readily than thought,

5) grow exponentially inside earth,

6) cannot be detected at CERN.

Every day the danger is mounting by 3 percent as you know. You must stop the LHC today, then try to find a scientist who can dismantle one of the six points. The planet will applaud if you find one.


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  1. PassingByAgain says:

    Man, you really ARE delusional, I am almost sorry that I have to pop your bubble… ;-) But you see, I’ve got a “reliable source” too! The public website of the UN security council:

    Can you find any mention of CERN in either the “August Forecast” or the “Provisional Programme as of August 12″? I can’t…

    But perhaps it’s not surprising that plans for bombing Switzerland to stop the LHC are discussed as a confidential matter… ;-)

  2. robomoon says:

    The UN must act responsibly to advise federations who are supporting the LHC with expenditures which can only heighten the danger that comes from experimentation in government funded laboratories. This very high risk requires fast and drastic cutting of funding to bring humankind more safety but the current measures of nuclear disarmament.

  3. PassingByAgain says:

    robomoon, do you still believe that the UN security council is “presently occupied with the matter”, as Rossler claimed on the other thread? If that is the case, why does the matter not show up on the official monthly programme? BTW, it does not show up in the daily programme either:

    Is it possible that Rossler’s “reliable source” was pulling his leg? More likely, Rossler is so far out there that he only understood what he wanted to understand…

  4. PassingByAgain says:

    BTW, what happened to the blog post that appeared for a while on top of this one? A version cached by google can be found here:…

  5. Robert Houston says:

    The notion of the Earth shrinking to only 2 centimeters may seem bizarre, but in fact this is the standard estimate of the size of a black hole with the mass of the Earth.

    Dr. Leonard Suskind, Professor of Physics at Stanford, puts the Schwarzschild radius of the Earth (its radius when condensed into a black hole) as the size of “a cranberry” (Suskind, The lack Hole War, 2008, p. 32). Wikipedia puts the radius as 9 mm, thus the diameter would be nearly 2 centimeters, just as Dr. Rossler states.

  6. robomoon says:

    This notion looks much too bizarre to make it comprehensible to a greater public or the UN and further corresponding government authorities. Would it suit to describe this to them as a formation of one powerful combination of subnuclear matter that takes some time and motion downwards before it grows stronger and faster in its highly implosive force?

  7. Otto E. Rossler says:

    As it turns out, black holes come in all sizes: the only object covering hundreds of magnitudes in nature. They are known to exist with the mass of ten billion suns — powering a “quasar” -, and about one sun (after a star has collapsed) — powering a “micro quasar” — and so on: downscaling with mass by linear scaling. Since the behavior in the presence of edible matter is always the same, the observed pictures in the sky are a scale model to what happens inside earth: A submicroscopic spinning top, a firy accretion disk and two jets of particles coming out from its middle in right angles.

    This “miniquasar” grows exponentially — just like compound interest in a willing society. So there would be a quiet period inside earth lasting for a few years. This make s this “disease” so devious. Once humanity wakes up, there will be not enough time left even for a Lifeboat mission to the moon (the latter will survive).

  8. PassingByAgain says:

    Rossler, are you still convinced that the UN security council is paying attention to your ravings? You don’t seem to be on their agenda today either…

  9. robomoon says:

    No visible response from the UN Security Council might also be an answer. There was too much progress in the physics experimentation business and not enough progress for life on Earth. Regarding survival on the moon: such efforts would most likely turn into a political charade for jumping around in astronaut suits to swing the European star-sprangled banner in the wind — or vacuum if reality permits? So the world would be entertained by TV propaganda to hail those heroic men on the moon who shall be deemed to survive the global genocide while humanity and further sentient life on Earth could be eliminated. That global genocide might become the most world changing result from the greatest of all multi-billion dollar experiments ever. Technical means to measure the activity of a black hole in the Earth are not there. No problem, who can remain so happy and proud about scientific progress when a visible response by the UN appears to announce the final countdown? Nevertheless, there is something else for a responsible scientist to do: the drawing up of an OPEN LETTER TO THE LEADING AUTHORITIES OF UNITED NATIONS MEMBER STATES AND FURTHER RESPONSIBLE ADMINISTRATIONS. See the OPEN LETTER TO THE CONGRESS…al-warming for e.g. It would make anyone happy if someone who is reading this has the ability to inform the US congress and further authorities in countries like the UK, Germany, and Switzerland, that CERN member states must step back from funding the LHC, no matter about political and economic disadvantages deriving from potential losses of scientific knowledge in physics. Humankind shall better know how to survive, there must be no gains from knowledge when anyone could be dead.

  10. Otto E. Rossler says:

    I happentoknow that an ordinary country is at the moment not allowed to discuss the question on hand in its own parliament “because the latter is before the UN Security Council”.

  11. PassingByAgain says:

    Poor Rossler, I am afraid that whoever told you that was making fun of you…

  12. Otto E. Rossler says:

    I appreciate your anonymous sympathy.

  13. robomoon says:

    There is no difficulty to recommend the drawing up of an OPEN LETTER right now. This could be handled independently from what the UN might do. An OPEN LETTER has to be written. When it is signed by one or more scientists, notarized copies of it should be made. Those copies shall be sent to corresponding authorities in different UN member states. In Germany, for e.g., the Secretary of Education Prof. Dr. Annette Schavan from the Ministry of Education has to receive a copy including an authorized translation. Anyone reading this who is capable of drawing up something? See this German page in about the funding of CERN by the Secretary of Education.

  14. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Can you help?

  15. robomoon says:

    Prof. E. Johnson might receive an email I also forwarded to you at the Chemical Institute.

  16. I am looking forward to it.

  17. robomoon says:

    Sorry, it is uncertain if Prof. Johnson would be available for drawing up the OPEN LETTER TO THE LEADING AUTHORITIES OF UNITED NATIONS MEMBER STATES AND FURTHER RESPONSIBLE ADMINISTRATIONS as previously suggested. So here is a fairly raw draft of passages for the open letter that could be edited: –HEAD- Dear heads of government, for a very important reason of disaster prevention, funding cuts are required as soon as possible. Please bring on sanctions in states who are CERN members and supporters to execute sharp reductions in the financial funding they are providing for the LHC. Great cuts in funding are urgently required, because continuously uninhibited usage of the LHC with its fairly outdated documentation has been sufficiently evaluated as the highest existential risk on planet Earth that may result in the total extinction of humanity and further sentient species. A website with a Public Appeal to the Executive President of the Security Council, Dr. Guido Westerwelle went announced on July 1, 2011. Another website at contains a copy of an email to ask if the President did pay attention to that public appeal. –BOTTOM- So who can help to edit, print, sign, and send it to the corresponding authorities?