Mar 10, 2011

“Too Late for the Singularity?”

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Ray Kurzweil is unique for having seen the unstoppable exponential growth of the computer revolution and extrapolating it correctly towards the attainment of a point which he called “singularity” and projects about 50 years into the future. At that point, the brain power of all human beings combined will be surpassed by the digital revolution.

The theory of the singularity has two flaws: a reparable and a hopefully not irreparable one. The repairable one has to do with the different use humans make of their brains compared to that of all animals on earth and presumably the universe. This special use can, however, be clearly defined and because of its preciousness be exported. This idea of “galactic export” makes Kurzweil’s program even more attractive.

The second drawback is nothing Ray Kurzweil has anything to do with, being entirely the fault of the rest of humankind: The half century that the singularity still needs to be reached may not be available any more.

The reason for that is CERN. Even though presented in time with published proofs that its proton-colliding experiment will with a probability of 8 percent produce a resident exponentially growing mini black hole eating earth inside out in perhaps 5 years time, CERN prefers not to quote those results or try and dismantle them before acting. Even the call by an administrative court (Cologne) to convene the overdue scientific safety conference before continuing was ignored when CERN re-ignited the machine a week ago.

This is most interesting news for singularity theorists. The majority of the currently living population of planet earth is unable to “think exponentially.” Can Ray Kurzweil or Lifeboat or the Singularity University somehow entice CERN into dialog before it is too late?

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  1. Kayne says:

    Oh comon are you kidding me.. not this old chestnut *again*. Go get educated about how microscopic black holes act and stop spouting hysterical nonsense like this.

  2. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Dear Kayne: It is such a great joy to get insulted by an ominiscient angel. Would you have any information about the source of your most important information in case it is sound? (And I realize thanks to you that I ought to have pointed to my other posts at lifeboat and particularly to the following link:…t-l-m-.pdf ). Take care, Otto E. Rossler

  3. Simon Dufour says:

    I’m not convinced that the CERN experiment will create a black-hole that will destroy the world. That “urban-legend” was debunked a bunch of time following the movie that used exactly that in its scifi plot.…demons.htm

  4. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Dear Mr. Dufour: The movie you refer to hapens to be concerned with another plot against the vatican, a bit smaller than destroying the planet. But thank you for your kind interest. Sincerely yours, Otto E. Rossler

  5. Kayne says:

    Omniscient angel? Even your replies reek of naive hyperbole.. There is are few ventures quite as futile as attempting to educate the willfully ignorant. Good luck with the tin foil hat.

  6. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Dear Kayne: I asked the angel for her or his credentials — may I repeat? Take care, Otto E. Rossler