Mar 27, 2011

Short Speech to the World

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Forgive me my courage because I like you. The catastrophe at Fukushima is a testimony to human fallibility. For 3 years, an analogous trap has been opened up for the planet as a whole, but no one believes my proof: An 8-percent probability of the planet being shrunk to 2 cm in perhaps 5 years’ time if the LHC experiment at Geneva is continued.

500 planetary newspapers reported on my warnings in 2008, before the experiment fizzled. After it got resumed in 2010, there is a press curfew worldwide. Even the appeal by a court to at long last admit the scientific safety conference called for (my only request) is quietly skirted by CERN. Just finding out about the truth is asking too much.

The reason is painful and has to do with Einstein and Japan (“I made one mistake in my life,” he said). No one believes any more that he was even greater in his youth. This is what I found out: The famous equivalence principle (between gravity and horizontal acceleration) of 1907 is even more powerful than known. What is known is that clocks tick more slowly further down in gravity, as he proved. But this time-change result stands not alone: Length and mass and charge are equally affected (TeLeMaCh theorem, for T, L, M, Ch) as is easy to prove. Hence gravity is much more powerful than anticipated. Black holes have radically different properties, for example. And black holes are being tried to be generated at the LHC.

Why the planet-wide press curfew since 2008? Apparently a nobelist cooperating with the LHC gave the parole that the new result is “absolute nonsense,” which would be gratifying to believe if true. But the press for some reason forgot to ask back: “Did you discuss your counterclaim with the author?” (No.) “Has anyone proved it?” (No.) “Is anyone ready to defend it publicly in dialog?” (No.)

So this is the largest possible accident to occur to the trustworthiness of the media. The price to pay by everyone is lack of protection for the planet. Einstein’s life was crushed after the atomic bomb. Can the planet expect to be saved by his “happiest thought” as he always called the equivalence principle? I tremble asking you this question.

For J.O.R. (March 27, 2011)


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    I am not sure but i think i may have signed up for this a while ago

  2. Otto E. Rossler says:

    You are the first, dear Antonio,
    Take care, Otto

  3. Dear Otto,

    It certainly seems like there is a curfew. I’ve written to about ten physicists and philosophers regarding this matter. I have received no replies. Just silence. I wonder how come?

    With hope,

  4. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Thank you for publicizing this information.