Mar 14, 2011

“CERN Ignores Scientific Proof That Its Current Experiment Puts Earth in Jeopardy”

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I deeply feel with the Japanese victims of a lack of human caution regarding nuclear reactors. Is it compatible with this atonement if I desperately ask the victims to speak up with me against the next consciously incurred catastrophe made in Switzerland? If the proof of danger stays un-disproved, CERN is currently about to melt the earth’s mantle along with its core down to a 2-cm black hole in perhaps 5 years time at a probability of 8 percent. A million nuclear power plants pale before the “European Centre for Nuclear Research.” CERN must not be allowed to go on shunning the scientific safety conference sternly advised by a Cologne court only six weeks ago.

I thank Lifeboat for distributing this message worldwide.


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  1. Dear Otto,

    I have found a mathematical proof that the LHC must be stopped, sooner rather than later.

    Here it is:

    I challenge everyone to disprove it!

  2. Observer says:

    You have no shame at all! Thousands are dying and all you can think about is your vanity! They are fighting for their lives — and you ask them to focus on your vanity! I spit out in front of you!

  3. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Dear Observer: Your logic is that a smaller — if infinite — catastrophe forbids calling for the unity of all against the extinction of all. I fully share your atonement. Do you have an idea how we can help causally? You and I most admire the unnamed heros working hour for hour at containing the damage inside the reactors. The whole planet bows before them.

  4. Otto E. Rossler says:

    Dear Mr. Stefan Hansen:

    You are right; but by the same token an infinite investment would need to be made in asteroid-watching and super-volcano watching scientific endeavors and in military-watching ones given the huge nuclear arsenals that still exist.

    So my own semi-quantitative derivation of a probability of 8 percent Armageddon if CERN continues with its Large Hadron Collider for the next two years as planned, is perhaps even more appalling. At any rate no one can understand why CERN refuses to wait until my result has been dismantled at an almost cost-free scientific safety conference as I hope along with everyone else.

    So, paradoxically, my saying that I am the only friend of CERN’s on the planet gets reinforced by your nice paper — for which I can only thank you. It appears that the number of people able to think like Blaise Pascal (whom you indirectly quote) is still very limited. Only people in deep distress themselves can presently be counted on being opposed to an even larger-if-possible distress for all, it appears. I re-emphasize their need for moral support.

  5. William says:

    @ Stefan Hansen — They openly admit that they may create black holes, in face they actually have experiments designed for the CMS detector to attempt to find evidence they they have created mini black holes. Cosmic rays have be hitting the earth since its beginning and have cause no damage. BTW cosmic rays are basically LHC experiments but at even higher energies (energies that would ensure that the LHC poses no danger).
    Another little bit of refuting evidence is that hawking radiation (i know still theorised) would most likley evaporate any black hole within 10^−15 seconds.
    Oh an another one. Any black hole would have a positive charge — as do the protons — therfore they would repel eachother and the black hole would not grow in size.
    OMG another one.… The environment they would be created in is evacuated, cold (almost absolute zero), hermetically sealed tube.
    So i personally wish GOOD LUCK to any black hole that is produced

    P.S do a little bit of research before you claim that something might end the world

  6. Thank you Otto,

    I agree, you might be CERN’s only friend. Unfortunately people have a hard time understanding how a critic can be a friend.

    I’ve written another post, giving yet another argument why we shouldn’t necessarily trust the safety claims made by CERN. You can find it here:…-be-wrong/.

    And William, if CERN openly admits they might create black holes, then they are contradicting their own safety document, in which they say: “According to the well-established properties of gravity, described by Einstein’s relativity, it is impossible for microscopic black holes to be produced at the LHC”.

  7. Otto E. Rossler says:

    We all owe much to any one who dares think about these matters. And who dares think of the brave men and women consciously offering their future health and life to the future of other human beings whom they do not even know. Let me also thank the Emperor for his loving understanding.

  8. By the way, there is a difference between the LHC and the other possible threats; super-volcanoes, asteroids and so on. The cost of protecting us against super-volcanoes and asteroids could be astronomical. The cost of protection us from the possible dangers posed by the LHC is zero. All we have to do is turn it off.

  9. Allow me to direct your attention to my latest argument for why the LHC must be stopped, titled “CERN’s LHC and the Sendai earthquake”:

    All the best,

  10. The main, if not sole, purpose for these experiments would be to expand knowledge, solve mysteries, to find out what would happen if.….? In order for those conducting the experiments to tell us that there is absolutely no possibility that they may cause global harm they would already need to have the information which they hope to gain from the experiment. Obviously they do not have this information and to say there is absolutely no possibility of causing harm is a lie. If they did have the information to validate their statements then there would be no need to conduct the experiment in the first place.