Jan 9, 2007

Egypt’s President Hints at Nuke Development

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From Ynet News:

SHARM E-SHEIKH – Is Egypt declaring its intentions to develop nuclear weapons? Thus it appeared in a speech delivered by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak Thursday on the occasion of meeting with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in Sharm e-Sheikh.

“We don’t want nuclear weapons,” Mubarak stated, “But since they appear highly present in the area, we must defend ourselves.”

Recently Egypt announced that it was striving to attain nuclear capabilities. President Mubarak himself, as well as his son Jamal, were questioned on the issue and declared that their nation needed nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, and Egypt’s nuclear program would be aimed at overcoming the deficiency in fuel and natural gas reserves. However, now it appears that if Iran develops nuclear power, Egypt will no longer be satisfied with devoting its nuclear resources to peaceful purposes alone.

Nuclear development is snowballing in the Middle East. People living in the United States and Europe like to think that we won’t be affected, but we will. Even a regional nuclear war could cause worldwide crop failures. If nuclear states collapse during war, their armaments could be stolen and distributed on the black market. And if you’re a non-state actor that can’t use nuclear technology to intimidate others with the knowledge that you have it, then you’re liable to get attention the only other way — actually using the weapon.

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