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Oct 31, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Oncology dietitian reveals the foods YOU can eat to prevent cancer

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THIS week we learnt red meat can give you cancer from the World Health Organisation, but is your diet linked to illness?

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Oct 31, 2015

Sounds Gross, But Intestinal Worms Can Actually Be Good For You

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Intestinal worms that can reduce inflammation. Could we GMO a probiotic worm to help reduce aging?

Intestinal worms have an incredibly bad reputation. The thought of them sneaking around inside our bodies and eating us from the inside is pretty unpleasant. But for decades, results coming out of lab after lab have shown that some kinds of helminths can be extremely beneficial to their host, and aren’t parasites at all.

Just 100 years ago, before toilets and running water were commonplace, everybody had regular exposure to intestinal worms. Thanks in part to modern plumbing, people in the industrialized world have now lost almost all of their worms, with the exception of occasional pinworms in some children.

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Oct 31, 2015

Artificial intelligence is coming to a surveillance camera near you

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Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence being made at Carnegie Mellon University, computers may soon be able to give timely warnings when video surveillance cameras detect unusual activity.

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Oct 31, 2015

Why Focusing On The Obesity Epidemic Distracts Us From The Aging Epidemic

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Large amounts of precious resources are being spent on encouraging weight loss and healthy living. While the intention of trying to reinforce healthy living is laudable, the evidence is that our resources are being wasted on minimal benefits.

Society considers obesity a big threat that needs to be overcome, but being thin is seen as a panacea

The diseases caused by biological aging carry on incessantly taking the lives of 100 000 people every day. While age 87 is the most common age of death for people in the western world, little progress has occurred during the past decades.

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Oct 31, 2015

11 Calculators That Show How Far Computing Has Come in the Past 2,000 Years

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Before there were smartphones, there were two millennia of calculators.

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Oct 31, 2015

What if some celestial bodies were closer to us

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Oct 30, 2015

Mind Control Device Alters Emotions on Demand

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Think of all the possibilities!

braincontrolMind control has been a topic of many great suspense and science fiction movies until recent. Now, an emotion altering device that will work in conjunction with a smart phone app is now being developed by Thync, and is slated for release to the public in 2015.

Thync announced on Oct. 8 that it’s raised $13 million from financial contributors to develop technology combining neuroscience and consumer electronics.

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Oct 30, 2015

The Autopilot is learning fast: Model S owners are already reporting that Tesla’s Autopilot is self-improving

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During the press conference for the release of the Autopilot, Tesla CEO Elon Musk referred to each Model S owners as “expert trainers” – meaning that each driver will train the autonomous features of the system to feed the collective network intelligence of the fleet by simply driving the electric vehicle on Autopilot.

He said that the system should improve everyday, but that improvements might only become noticeable every week or so by adding up. Just a few weeks after the release, Model S owners are already taking to the Tesla Motors Club forum to describe how the Autopilot is improving…

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Oct 30, 2015

Scientist Claims He Has Found Evidence Of Other Universes

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A new study submitted to the Astrophysical Journal has claimed to have found evidence of interactions between our universe and other universes by looking at the cosmic microwave background (CMB). The scientist discovered an anomaly associated with some regions of the CMB, and he believes it is evidence for alternate universes.

Dr Ranga Chary, the author of the study, wrote that his observations could “possibly be due to the collision of our universe with an alternate universe whose baryon to photon ratio is a factor of about 65 larger than ours.” A pre-print of the study, which is yet to be peer reviewed, is available on ArXiv.

The CMB is the first light that shone in the universe. It was emitted 370,000 years after the Big Bang when the universe was cool enough for hydrogen to form and the original photons were free to move without getting absorbed by the primordial matter.

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Oct 30, 2015

Awe, curiosity over sudden, huge ‘gash’ in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains

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A sudden, deep “crack” or “gash” in the Earth around Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains has left many in awe and curious about the explanation.

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