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Jul 23, 2016

Audi Mesarthim F Tron Quattro concept supercar that is powered with nuclear fusion

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The concept of nuclear fusion is definitely a reliable and sustainable option to meet the energy needs of the world without fossil fuels. There are several scientists who will suggest this as a beneficial option. Nuclear Fusion is a method of fusing together the atomic nuclei. It can produce vast amount energy with only a small amount of fuel. It can prove to be really beneficial if control of the method is perfected. It will take only a small number of small fusion power stations to provide sufficient energy for the whole world. It will also ensure no harmful emissions at all. The Audi Mesarthim F Tron Quattro concept is a nuclear powered car imagined by Grigory Gorin, a Russian car designer.

Audi Mesarthim F Tron Quattro conceptAudi Mesarthim F Tron Quattro concept

The Russian car designer imagined this amazing concept of providing power to a car by harnessing nuclear fusion. The fusion reactor along with the attached plasma injectors can be seen in the middle of this Audi concept car. The equipments required to generate the steam are packaged around them. The heat of the reactor is used which spins a turbine that connected to a generator. The generator charges the batteries that are located at the front and alongside of the Audi Mesarthim F Tron Quattro concept. The batteries power the electric motors (wheel mounted).

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Jul 23, 2016

Un diseñador ruso crea un Audi propulsado por fusión nuclear

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Un diseñador ruso llamado Grigori Gorin ha creado un prototipo firmado por Audi que propone una nueva revolución en la industria del automóvil: un coche impulsado por la fusión nuclear.

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Jul 23, 2016

Japan is about to test out plans for a real-life space elevator

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The idea of a space elevator to lift us into orbit is one of the oldest concepts in sci-fi, but thanks to the efforts of scientists in Japan, we might soon be seeing this fantastic feat of engineering become a reality at last.

A mini satellite called STARS-C (Space Tethered Autonomous Robotic Satellite-Cube) is heading to the International Space Station in the coming months and is a prototype design that could form the basis of a future space elevator.

Once STARS-C has been delivered – on some to-be-determined date after the Northern Hemisphere’s summer – its makers at Shizuoka University will put it to the test: the orbiter will split into two 10-cm (3.94-inch) cubes and spool out a thin 100-metre tether made of Kevlar between them.

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Jul 23, 2016

CAD Is a Lie: Generative Design to the Rescue

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Discover how, with generative design, computers can “learn” a designer’s project goals and collaborate to create products never before possible.

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Jul 23, 2016

What if instead of using the computer to draw what you already know, you could tell the computer what you want to accomplish?

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Autodesk CTO Jeff Kowalski discusses the astonishing results driven by generative design.

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Jul 23, 2016

Scientists work toward storing digital information in DNA

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Her computer, Karin Strauss says, contains her “digital attic”—a place where she stores that published math paper she wrote in high school, and computer science schoolwork from college.

She’d like to preserve the stuff “as long as I live, at least,” says Strauss, 37. But computers must be replaced every few years, and each time she must copy the information over, “which is a little bit of a headache.”

It would be much better, she says, if she could store it in DNA—the stuff our genes are made of.

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Jul 23, 2016

A team of scientists says they’ve found a way to reverse menopause

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A new blood treatment developed by researchers in Greece reportedly has the power to reverse menopause, enabling post-menopausal women to release eggs once again.

None of this has been peer-reviewed as yet, but if the results can be verified by others in the scientific community, the treatment might allow women to have offspring later in life.

It could also provide a treatment for those suffering from early menopause, a condition that affects roughly 1 percent of all women.

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Jul 22, 2016

Ray Kurzweil Outlines the Coming Biomedical Revolution [Video]

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Will we live longer lives in the future? According to Ray Kurzweil, it’s only a matter of time until technology begins successfully tackling age-related disease—and life expectancy grows longer and longer. At some point, technology will annually add more than a year to our life expectancy—allowing us to indefinitely increase lifespans, and perhaps eventually live as long as we want.

“We will get to a point where our longevity, our remaining life expectancy is moving on away from us. The sands of time will run in rather than run out,” Kurzweil says.

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Jul 22, 2016

Zoltan, a presidential candidate for the future

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A new story out on my time at the RNC from Orange County’s main paper. I’ll be at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Monday night and Tuesday day. Please join me and help spread #transhumanism! Some free Transhumanist Party t-shirts available (email me if you can make it: [email protected]) #ScienceCandidate #Election2016 #POTUS #TechVote

In Cleveland this week, I met the presidential candidate who’s looking farther into the future than any other.

I settled in at Chipotle’s with my chicken burrito and there he was, with two friends, sitting next to me.

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Jul 22, 2016

Another dark matter search comes up empty

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Even though dark matter has not yet been found, scientists are confident it exists as its effects can be seen in the rotation of galaxies and the bending of light as it makes its way through the universe.

The Large Underground Xenon (LUX) dark matter experiment has found no traces of dark matter.

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