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Mar 17, 2017

Electrons Have Been Caught Disappearing and Reappearing Between Atomic Layers

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Scientist have spotted a strange type of quantum movement occurring in electrons travelling between the atomic layers of a material.

Instead of travelling from the top to the bottom layer through the middle, the electrons were caught disappearing from the top layer and reappearing in the bottom letter a fraction of a second later — with no trace of them existing in between.

“Electrons can show up on the first floor, then the third floor, without ever having been on the second floor,” said lead researcher Hui Zhao from the University of Kansas.

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Mar 17, 2017

​Big data adoption surges as Aussie businesses increase spending

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Big data budgets now rival CRM software.

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Mar 17, 2017

How Artificial Intelligence and the robotic revolution will change the workplace of tomorrow

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The workplace is going to look drastically different ten years from now. The coming of the Second Machine Age is quickly bringing massive changes along with it. Manual jobs, such as lorry driving or house building are being replaced by robotic automation, and accountants, lawyers, doctors and financial advisers are being supplemented and replaced by high level artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

So what do we need to learn today about the jobs of tomorrow? Two things are clear. The robots and computers of the future will be based on a degree of complexity that will be impossible to teach to the general population in a few short years of compulsory education. And some of the most important skills people will need to work with robots will not be the things they learn in computing class.

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Mar 17, 2017

CUBAN: The robots are coming

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Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban’s prediction for the future of the workforce includes more robots and less human workers.

“We’re about to go into a period with artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, those things where we literally are going to see a change in the nature of employment,” Cuban said in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

In that same interview, he criticized President Trump’s leadership skills before calling Trump “technologically illiterate.”

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Mar 17, 2017

Universities dive into VR research — By Benny Evangelista | SFGate

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““I see a much larger opportunity for collaboration, not just between the universities, but between the universities and the industry.””

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Mar 17, 2017

How VR will drive storage — or the reverse — By Robin Harris | ZDNet

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“While most people focus on the compute and graphics requirements for virtual reality, storage is the bigger problem going forward.”

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Mar 17, 2017

Service Provider on Twitter

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Get ready for leaping toward next G of networking.

“5G-ready networks stand to reap billions in new business opportunities. Tweet #CiscoMWC to.

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Mar 17, 2017

Ethereum Price Tops $30 to Set New All-Time High

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Ether prices reached a record level today, as traders have sought new opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

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Mar 17, 2017

Crispr Webinar: Using Synthetic Crispr libraries

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For people interested or working on Crispr related stuff.

*Benefits of performing arrayed CRISPR RNA (crRNA) screening.

*How to setup a successful arrayed crRNA screen.

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Mar 17, 2017

Dubai to launch driverless flying taxi service

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Dubai will get a fleet of flying taxis this summer — electric, driverless drones.

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