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Mar 7, 2016

How cancer cells fuel their growth

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Pretty cool.

Scientists report that amino acids, not sugar, supply most building blocks for cancerous tumor cells. Cancer cells are notorious for their ability to divide uncontrollably and generate hordes of new tumor cells. Most of the fuel consumed by these rapidly proliferating cells is glucose, a type of sugar.

Scientists had believed that most of the cell mass that makes up new cells, including cancer cells, comes from that glucose. However, MIT biologists have now found, to their surprise, that the largest source for new cell material is amino acids, which cells consume in much smaller quantities.

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Mar 7, 2016

Microsoft and Google employees on US national guard may join cyber war against Islamic State

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U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the National Guard’s cyber squadrons will play an increasingly important role in assessing the vulnerabilities of U.S. industrial infrastructure and could be asked to join the fight against Islamic State.

The National Guard – a reserve military force that resides in the states but can be mobilized for national needs – is a key part of the military’s larger effort to set up over 120 cyber squadrons to respond to cyber attacks and prevent them.

One such unit, the 262nd squadron, is a 101-person team that includes employees of Microsoft and Alphabet’s Google. The unit is “famous throughout the country” for several high profile vulnerability assessments, Carter said at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, Washington late on Friday.

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Mar 7, 2016

Magneto Protein Could Help Magnets Control Brain Circuitry

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New technique may allow more precise and less invasive study of the brain.

Originally published:

Mar 7 2016 — 11:00am.

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Mar 7, 2016

Newly developed model of DNA sheds light on molecule’s flexibility

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Knowledge of how DNA folds and bends could offer new perspective on how it is handled within cells while also aiding in the design of DNA-based nano-scale devices, says a biomedical engineer at Texas A&M University whose new motion-based analysis of DNA is providing an accurate representation of the molecule’s flexibility.

The model, which is shedding new light on the physical properties of DNA, was developed by Wonmuk Hwang, associate professor in the university’s Department of Biomedical Engineering, and his Ph.D. student Xiaojing Teng. Hwang uses computer simulation and theoretical analysis to study biomolecules such as DNA that carry out essential functions in the human body. His latest model, which provides a motion-based analysis of DNA is detailed in the scientific journal ACS Nano. The full article can be accessed at

In addition to housing the genetic information needed to build and maintain an organism, DNA has some incredibly interesting physical properties that make it ideal for the construction of nanodevices, Hwang notes. For example, the DNA encompassed within the nucleus of one human cell can extend to four feet when stretched out, but thanks to a number of folds, bends and twists, it remains in a space no bigger than one micron – a fraction of the width of a human hair. DNA also is capable of being programmed for self-assembly and disassembly, making it usable for building nano-mechanical devices.

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Mar 7, 2016

Chemists get the ball rolling on titanium oxide fullerenes

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Constructing the 1st 42 titanium atoms fullerene style structure.

Titanium oxide nanocluster has been captured under electron microscope.

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Mar 7, 2016

New ‘meta-skin’ to cloak objects from radars

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New skin for keeping you under the radar.

Because the meta-skin is stretchable, it can be pulled tight to augment the range of radar frequencies trapped by the resonators.

The project set out to prove that that electromagnetic waves — “perhaps even the shorter wavelengths of visible light” — can be adequately suppressed with flexible, tunable liquid-metal technologies. The material is made up of rows of rings, with a radius of 0.1 inches (2.5mm) and gaps of 0.04 inches (1mm). They’re filled with galinstan, a metal alloy that remains liquid at room temperatures and is less toxic than metals who share this property, such as mercury. Each resonator acts like a small curved piece of liquid wire.

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Mar 7, 2016

A transgender, biotech-running cybercreator debates artificial intelligence

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I find this all amusing. However, wide spread adoption is a hurdle that has to be addressed first around AI; and at it’s core is the lack of trust by consumers & businesses around technology that still has not eradicated and blocked cyber hacking and attacks.

Martine Rothblatt takes on the notion that AI is dangerous to humanity.

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Mar 7, 2016

Six Flags Entertainment : and Samsung Partner to Launch First Virtual Reality Roller Coasters in North America

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Wow; Six Flags new VR Roller coaster. My nephews are going to be excited.

Samsung is “Official Technology Partner” at Six Flags Theme Parks Nationwide.

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation (NYSE: SIX), and Samsung Electronics America, Inc., today announced a broad marketing partnership which appoints Samsung as the “Official Technology Partner” of the world’s largest regional theme park company. The partnership includes the debut of ground-breaking experiences coming to nine Six Flags parks — North America’s first Virtual Reality (VR) Roller Coasters, using Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus.

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Mar 7, 2016

Beauty brands hope virtual makeovers encourage shoppers to try new looks

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VR latest experience in shopping.

Some beauty product retailers have turned to virtual reality technology to let customers try on products from their smartphones.

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Mar 7, 2016

Virtual reality on the cusp of enterprise adoption

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Many opportunities in the VR/ AR space for enterprise Apps, Platforms, and services. Over the years we all have seen many opportunities missed where companies did not do the proper value map assessment and apply their finding to their own prod roadmaps. I personally have created my own value map of VR & AR opportunities across various industries and their biz caps.; and hope that others have done the same around this technology.

But augmented reality might be the best stepping stone, Hardware, Gadgets, Developer, Internet of Things, Wearables, Google, HTC, Fujitsu, Epson.

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